More Than Just Borders Divide Us

Well, I suppose you’d have to be either dead or live in the bush not to have heard of Trumps latest racist diatribe. Imagine I was not alone this last week, staring at my little cell phone screen, stunned…I don’t even know Mom if I can possibly even describe the absolute shock at what that piece of crap is spouting.

He keeps saying “just speaking the truth the others are afraid to”. Riiiiigght. Please, this man is no different than any other politician. Only difference are his followers…bigoted, racist, KKK. If it will get him plastered all over every newsfeed across the world? EVEN BETTER. Now he’s talking about banning all Muslims to the U.S.

Unbelievable, eh?

He has become like this gigantic American bloodsucking mosquito. Like this insect, feeding away at its host, all the while spreading disease, and spewing out as fodder to the hateful human bacterium their own excrement.

The ignorance of some has them chained to their ideological walls in fear, and nothing the left-hand says matters to them. They have been completely indoctrinated into thinking the other-side lives off fabricated lies, and/or politically correct pandering. US Republicans have created this monster, by their continued ranting on about divisive issues that only serve to divide them, and thus the enemy may more easily conquer.

Yet, these followers of this vile human don’t seem to get that.

I’m not disheartened though.

Instead I have decided to devise a new motto.

Reserving judgment is the key to having infinite hope

I see, I read, and I seek now to counter this parasites hatred spewing diatribes.

Yesterday the first 150 Syrian refugees arrived from Lebanon to Canadian shores. These first refugees are those that are being sponsored by various individual families and community groups; which is very heartening.

HONY, or Humans Of New York, has been posting multipart stories on many of the refugees whom are awaiting word of their approval to immigrate to America. Heart wrenching stories. Really brings home how these refugees could easily be anyone of us. We in the West think ourselves immune, yet at one point each of these other humans thought that as well. Building lives, getting married, going to school, and striving for all the same things we all want; safety, security, love, family, friends. In a minute, to have everything you love and cherish bombed to smithereens. To embrace the shattered bodies of love ones, only to find they have nowhere to take them. To come home, and find you don’t have one any longer. To be denied your personal freedom of choice, and thus be forced to leave the only home you’ve ever known.

The news this morning, while of course trending anything TRUMP, is also filled with some heartwarming stories.

This article from the Toronto Star is my favourite though…

Dear Refugees: 10 Things You Should Know About Canada

But as a whole we care about people enjoying our country, feeling safe and free from harm. We have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that gives people the right to free expression and safety. We have human rights commissions whose job it is to defend human rights. We have a free and open media whose job it is to make sure that people aren’t taken advantage of and the government does what it says it’s going to do. We also have many services devoted just to helping you settle in.

But most importantly, we have millions of people who want you to succeed. Please reach out to us. We’re here, and now, so are you.

I think Mom for some it is too easy to just write all of these refugees off, and to fall prey to the fear many have over worldwide ISIL attacks. It’s easy to believe the Trump’s of the world, and the voices of bigotry and hatred.

However, read this morn where polls from the US indicate the majority of Americans oppose Trumps plan of denying immigration to all Muslims. Now that’s heartening.

The national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed 57 percent of all adults are against the plan, while among Republicans, 42 percent support Trump’s proposal to ban U.S. entry to Muslims.

If anything, maybe Trump may finally destroy the Republican Party in the U.S., or maybe, finally, convince them to get off their high horse and admit that maybe their divisive politics is what is destroying America.

Here in the Great White North, I guess we can merely stand by and watch as hopefully that faction who don’t get it finally implode in on itself.

Trudeau is standing by his election platform, but revised the timeline of the arrival of the 25,000 that he promised during his campaign.

While the Brits are calling on Trump being banned as a proponent of hate, the Mayor of Winnipeg had this to say…

“Mr. Trump, it is my hope that in visiting our city and, in particular, our museum, you might develop a more profound sense of compassion and tolerance for others,” Bowman wrote.

I mean, that’s lovely, but I doubt the big ego with a comb-over would be swayed by anything profound, tolerant or compassionate; as all his followers would disappear. They wouldn’t have their own Heil Hitler of Hatred to admire and adore.

What bothers me though Mom, is that Dad said when he was up visiting last that he would vote for this man. That was over a month ago, and at the time I just rolled my eyes. Dad said he thought Trump couldn’t be bought, not like all the other politicians. I pointed out to him that the President of the United States welds a lot of power that money can’t bring him. The conversation ended there, and we were silent the rest of the way home.

Now I don’t know how anyone could actually vote for this man. He’s not saying what others are afraid to say, he’s saying what hateful, racist, bigots say.

The man was just a comical moron, playing on the bigotry and unhappiness of a group that felt their ideals were being devalued. A man to laugh at, shake ones head, and that was that. But with his latest statements? No, he’s become a dangerous man.

I was going to say that civilized, rational, educated people don’t write off an entire religion because of a small faction of radicalized extremists; however, history says otherwise. Many christian nations in the past have used religion as a weapon to wipe out those who they believe threaten their faith.

However, I also must reserve my judgment of them as well. Who knows what motivates Dad’s current politics. Or motivates him, full stop.

Now you, I wonder what your thoughts would be after reading of the children left without a Mom? Or a little girl who watched her Mommy blown to bits, or the Father was respected, held property, and was able to proudly support his family. Now reduced to almost nothing, with barely a roof over his families head, and forced to beg for escape.

Would you be so willing to turn your back? With that niggling fear, screeching on the TV daily, the terror that may lie within this horde of immigrants, escaping death? Could you?

I can just see us, sitting at that big old dining room table. Sun shining in the window, on one of those rare moments during the day that you sat down. Maybe were drinking wine, eh? Across from each other, discussing all this. CNN, of course, on the TV. Dad’s standing at the counter, voicing his opinion over our heated discussion, and I stop and listen. And I’m shaking my head, wondering how this man is my father.

You always said I had his anger, his looks, but certainly not his politics.

Ah, Mom, if I could I would.

Suppose its the Canadian way to discuss all this stuff, eh? Maybe that’s Canada’s strong suit. We like to debate it out, share ideas, listen to each other, and in the end we generally accept each others differences. We often reserve judgment, and perhaps that’s what we maybe strive for? Maybe to hold on to some infinite hope.

Perhaps that’s what makes Dad and I so different. I still have hope.

I should point out though, haven’t spoken to Dad since they were up in October, so can’t say what his current thoughts are.

Anywho, Irish did get a walk today, and my swelled cheek is being looked after. I should go, mountain of dishes in the kitchen await me still.


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