Spiral in Nature

My Babylonian Sister

Rea came for a visit recently and of course, per usual, the topic eventually came round to the mystical. You know us Mom, two fey‘s from the same fey pod.

She is one of the few persons in this universe that completely gets the world, as I get the world.

The two of us are so attracted to symbolism, iconography, and all that hoogy-moogy magical stuff. Perhaps we once knew each other in Babylon.

My thoughts have been so jagged of late, so raw maybe is the word. I’m glad she came. Somehow she just instinctively comes just when I need another like myself, to share my shite with. I don’t know how she knows, but I know there are things she knows.

We got off course maybe for a few years, but we found each other again.

The last time she was down, she was saying she kept seeing the numbers 222 everywhere. Oddly enough, I too had repeating numbers, 555. A msg sound would pop up out of my phone, and I’d see the clock on my tablet read 5:55. My whole system would stall, right at 5:55, for 3 days in a row. Every day, at 5:55 I’d find myself somehow, looking at the clock instinctively, right when it would turn 5:55.

Messages from the universe, saying pay attention. Which is a good reminder, really. We can so easily get off course, ignore the signs, and find ourselves swamped by emotional shite we’ve tried to suppress.


I told her about my Fibonacci Way Theory, of how to mind fully move forward, making gradual changes. Increasing in increments the difficulty, and thus significance, of each move towards what one may want.

Put in simpler terms;
GROW 1, BEND 1 – GROW 2, BEND 1 – GROW 3, BEND 1.


This is my kind of loose philosophy based on Fibonacci ratio: the first step is always the hardest and therefore often involves the most compromise to carry out – GROW 1, BEND 1 (bend=compromise).

In the first square the space between seems vast, and the bend, therefore, needs to match. That is a metaphor that speaks to how I feel about everything – that first “leap of faith” is only the first step. It symbolizes for me that arc of change requires me to let go, to fly free of whatever it is that has held me back in the past from truly following what I desire.

What one may desire can change over time. Or, just get pushed off a little as more immediate concerns arise. And, thank goodness for Babylonian sisters like Rea. Those who know your soul, sometimes better than you know it yourself. Reminding you of what is good, what is prosperous, what is your purpose, truly.

Reminding you of what direction you were supposed to be going, showing you the way forward.

I definitely find the compromise part is what changes you. And there is always a compromise, even if in time they do grow less.

I made one hell of a change this last year in my life Mom, but I really have had to compromise very little this last round.

Strange looking back, peeping at the person you once were. I told Rea how I now recognize that I really don’t want to go back to school, least not in the conventional sense. Boooorrring. My dreams have changed.


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