Confessions Of A 48 Year Old On Mother’s Day

Standing in the kitchen just now, waiting for the water to boil. I know, don’t say it.

I had to turn the kettle back on so as to re-boil the water I forgot about 20 minutes ago. Making my morning java.

Whilst waiting, I came to a conclusion:

N E W R U L E – if I have Sunday off, under no circumstances do I work if I’m called when someone calls in sick. OR, under very, very , very limited circumstances do I work.

You know Mom, when you watch 2 people you love die before their 55th birthday, you learn that life is precious, and can end too soon.

Other very good reason is, today is Mother’s Day. I’m not sure how safe it would be unloading a truck through an occasional veil of tears.

Next, good reason is I’m blawdy f’en sore and I need to recover from a really physically rough week.

The bright side is you should see how AWESOME I am at work. Like seriously Mom. Climbing ladders up into high racking, hauling giant cabinet doors off pallets. AND I can now carry my garbage with one hand, and lift the heavy door up, and swing that sucker into the bin. BOOM!

I can honestly say I do love my job, and I would love the money, but I relish this thing called life.

But even still you know, I did think about going in. You would be proud. But I have too many plans for today.

I have to buy red geraniums, walk in the sunshine with Irish, listen to CBC radio 2 while I wash the dishes.

Last night as I was leaving work, walking across the parking lot. I passed the LCBO by, and walked right past the wine store in Loblaws. I didn’t buy the expensive, even if it was on sale coffee either. I merely browsed, waiting for my bus to come, per usual.

Other very good reason not to go into work on my day off, is I love my job too much to go in when I know I shouldn’t. I mean seriously, I’m 48.

I know Mom. It’s craziness. How did I go from sitting at a desk fielding angry customers, or selling this or that (and otherwise) for some company or other, to receiving for a major retailer? I mean, seriously!!!

Mom and II should go. The dawn has broken, and the sun is out. The fresh cool morning air streams in through the window, tantalising me.

I have two little pieces of Swedish Ivy I’ve rooted, and with a geranium (or three), and maybe one other thing, the pot outside there on my stoop will be complete.

And the other good reason not to go in is I had to write to you, today of all days. I wanted to start the day with the closest I can come to giving you a hug.

I won’t say it. You know.

I mean, you’re my Mom, of course you know.

I just wish…well, never mind.


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