Tree Rats And Other Nonsense

female cardinalWatching the Cardinals enjoy the sunflower seed from the feeder outside my window is one of those simple pleasures. Their morning song awakens the dawn and throughout the day they are joined by sparrows, Nuthatches and that annoying squirrel balancing in mid-air on one leg, attached to this small 1-inch diameter Maple sapling, and so I went out a half hour ago and chopped ‘er down.

Located so close to the Big Black Walnut, not 2 feet away, it was going nowhere.

Up until about a half hour ago, I thought I had exhausted all avenues, and so clippers in hand and WHACK. Try to reach it THIS time you thieving tree rat.

Speaking of rats, apparently the orange one of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue knows less about the Civil War in the U.S. than I do, and that is quite a feat. Frankly, I wonder if maybe that’s why his supporters love him so much? eh? Cause he makes them feel smart?

American History is of so little interest to him that he doesn’t even bother to check his facts before he blurts out whatever tumbles into his mind. Well, as one of my younger co-workers pointed out, it is rather difficult to understand their mentality since it would seem to make sense that you would want your leaders to be more knowledgeable. Yet, this does not seem to be the case.

Very confusing.

And that’s when it struck me, he doesn’t even try, cause he knows he doesn’t have to. His ignorance is a feature, not a fault.

I mean, once or twice, ok, fine, we all make mistakes. Yet, wouldn’t a normal person maybe want to do a little fact checking once in a while? Ask a few smart people a question or three, you know, before you blurt out the first thing that pops into your head? I mean, you don’t have to be omnipotent, but a little knowledge, a smidge of wisdom? Is that not what leadership entails?

Oh, I get it, he’s trying to be folksy. Why does he need to be like them? I don’t get it.

Seriously, you don’t live in an opulent Penthouse in New York City and not have a few ‘people’ you can ring up and get a bit of background knowledge before you go and fart out another asinine statement. But he doesn’t care, cause he doesn’t have to care. The more stupid he sounds, the more folksy he sounds, the more like his supporters he seems…and all the lavish lifestyle aspects that define the gigantic gap between reality and this fantasy world he’s created just disappears. POOF.

Wow. And it hit me how like Tim that was. Tim did that. Could have cared less what you thought, just barreled through and said whatever he wanted, and people lapped it up. Course, Tim’s schtick was for a different cause, and thus delivered in a different way, but the same blatant all out fiction would spout out of his mouth, and wow would he bristle when you pointed it out. Like HOW DARE YOU question me??!!!

Timothy would never stoop so low as to actually admit anything he said was complete BS. Even once he’d been called out, he would swerve away from this wee factoid, as truth was not his aim… perceptions of grandeur in Tim’s case, and the lack of with the 45th.

Just like Tim, that man does not give two flying monkey turds whether or not anything he says is true, cause his objective is only how it sounds. And, I can just hear his choir out there chirping “oh poor guy, beaten up again by that rotten liberal media“. Boohoo.

Can’t see how anyone could be that carefree with historical facts concerning America and actually think they can get away with it unless he knows he can. And to those who he is speaking to, well, the guy knows his audience, and he knows how to play a crowd, and he knows what sells, after all, he is a salesman.

Can’t really blame him though, can you? If they’re going to just let him get away with it, why not try to get as much as you can? Behind all that blarney and brawn, lies a deep-seated desire to profit – it is in the very fabric of the consummate salesperson. They can’t help themselves. Or, er, they will help themselves if you let them.

Ok, so now that little thieving tree rat has his little arse planted on the branches beside the feeder planning out his next strategy to get to the seed. Well, well, well, clever little stinker, he just stretched his body and leaps at the bottom rim.

WHACK!! So I went out and chopped it down another foot. I would whack it down farther but my little clippers won’t let me.

Ah, such is life. Although, in my long years of feeding the birds, one should never underestimate thieving tree rats. Just sayin’.

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