The Beauty Of Expected Things

So, it is down for good. I believe one of the weekend guests knocked the ol’noggin’ on it as they were finding their way back through the hedge to catch a cab. Confused I suppose by where my secret little doorway was and smashed through and made their own. As I was sitting on the stoop the next morning, with my head slamming out some kind of staccato beat, smokin’ my evil cigarettes, I noticed it there, on the ground.

Whatever. The thieving tree rat can take its wee paws and steal some other bird lovers seed. Anywho, it’s hummingbird season.

Yeah, yeah, I felt that surging bile of rage wafting up, but I suppressed it. Little turd breath.

However, the rain gave way and finally, I was able to cycle to work again. Lost in the beauty, this morning, as I made my way through this park that I take, I almost smashed right into a tree as I gazed up through the trees, I could see the moon hanging in the sky and the land was carpeted with a fog, and with the wind in my hair and only the accompaniment of the Cardinals I made my way through the quiet suburban streets I could almost forget… everything

I am highly sensitive you see to injustice, selfishness, greed, and sometimes find that it all becomes too too much, and on the scale that I’m witnessing in the States, well I find it difficult to turn off. It really saddens me, and every day I wake up and more crap is happening, and all I see are a bunch of cowards fiddling while Rome burns.

Some say the orange faced one he is mentally ill or a mad man. Some say it’s all greed, and covering his tracks. Who knows, and frankly I wonder if we will ever know.

I still wonder what is going through the heads of the regular folk that still support him. Boggles the mind, really. I mean, he has absolutely no regard for them, or their country, or well, them. Or anything really except signing stuff, and telling everyone “I’m the President”, and crowd sizes, and WOW. What, is he 5?

Anyways, I took some pictures this week on my walk with Irish. Dang namit, had to get out and away from the madness.

What a beautiful world. Shame that crap hole down there seems so bent on destroying as much of it as he can get his little hands on.

But, spring in the air and I have, more than ever, this desire lately to GET OUT, AWAY from that insanity. I mean, there is very little I can do but watch.

So, these are some of the beautiful things that helped me to forget all the madness south of the border. Helped me to regain my thankfulness that my Father was such a rat turd down there and Mom left him and came back to Canada. Glad he eventually found his way North too, and HALLELLUYAH I’m in Canada. Eh!! ಠ‿↼

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