Someone Went To Jail

I suppose in hindsight I’ll probably have to chalk it up to the universe’s way of kicking me in the arse, a what the frack are you trying to pull sort of statement. Seriously. Maybe a little straighten that crown, be-yatch as well.

Yeah, so, just made myself a grill cheese sandwich, made using this new way I found, using mayo instead of butter. Added some corn beef, used a nice old cheddar, and oh my god yum. Took Irish for a quick stroll round the edge of the orchard, as I realized I’d forgotten to put my memory card in my camera, and decided to frack it and head home and just eat something.

Was starving.

And why you may ask? Well, it was passed noon, almost 1 by the time I got back; on what amount of sleep is your guess is a good as mine, cause I have no fricken clue.

Sitting here this morning, just sort of clearing my head, up maybe, oh, I don’t know, 20 minutes. Realize something’s missing. Get up, walk to the door, and holy good loving shit where the hell is Irish.

Go outside, call and call, walk over to the grocery store across the way, ask the stock boy, ask at Customer Service, anyone reported a lost dog? He ask’s is your dog lost?

Yes! I sob back.

Dear fricken lord, walk outside, call and call, and then remembered they said to call the pound, so I did, and that’s where she was.

Still breathing heavy, haven’t yet caught my breath.

105 dollars later, and tail between my legs, here I sit. After the corn beef on rye mayo grilled cheese, after straightening that crown, after feeling like a piece of shit for getting drunk and allowing some bar friend to accidentally, probably, let my dog out whilst I was sleeping, or, em, past out. I’m sure that’s what happened.

Babbled all the way like a blawdy idiot to my girlfriend’s ex-biker boyfriend that drove me to the pound to pick up my little jailbird. Told him all this stupid shit about Tim, about his backdoor man life, about getting away from all that to the lake, leaving it behind, and then dying. Told him he must have done something good in his life to deserve me; he laughed.

Asked all kinds of questions by the guy at the desk, wow. Dressed up in lipstick and rouge with my long hair in a ponytail version of me I presented to them, along with my ID to claim her, not just anyone gets to take home lasses and lads from the pound willy-nilly, and all’s said and done I guess one could say it is what it is.

Had him let me off down at the German Club, walked back behind the fields, we went for a short walk, to clear our heads. Walked back home, wanted her to know it was ok, we both fucked up.

Can’t recall any hanky-panky though last eve, that’s a plus. As this dame’s downstairs is dry as the Sahara, so any movement is immediately detected, one could say, dead or alive, I know. Someone tries to penetrate anything and they are in for an unpleasant experience.

So, they were just being kind, probably, led me home, and accidentally let Irish out, not knowing they can’t really, she has to go on a leash, there is no fence.

Well, all’s well that ends well, I guess.

So she’s outside lying in her “hole”, out beside the house. Landlord last year says to me is that Irish’s digging? I answered; yes, she likes the cool earth, I’m sorry, she is a furry beast and overheats

He’s like ok, I just was hoping it wasn’t some wild animal, and that’s where we left it.

Yeah, mmm, so, I’m an arsehole, but recovering, planning on sitting out on the stoop all day, smoke a dube, or three, chill the frack out and stare thankfully at my dog as she lies on the cool earth, in her hole, home.

Didn’t even say to the guy at the desk, like I wanted to, that I won’t do this again, as they tell you something about what will happen the next time. Words are not enough. Action, dear, action. Or, rather NO action dear. Let boredom be once in awhile, without the need to change it, without the need to drink so much you black out and don’t remember why your dog is missing.

OH, and of course celebrate over the judge putting MANAFORT IN FRACKIN JAIL. Blawdy [email protected]!

THIS is what justice looks like, watch it and weep. I just did. Seriously, I wept.

Asshole. Treasonous asshole.

Think maybe someone is maybe getting worried? Campaign chair goes to jail? Think maybe? Hope so, if not he is a bigger fool than I give him credit. I don’t know, but… this is powerful stuff Rachel Maddow presents, in her powerful way. Memorable reporting.

Please watch this and tell me your thoughts, if you want. Oh, and on either subject. Honestly.

I’m almost speechless myself and don’t know yet what I think, but I do feel hopeful.

Will see would probably be Grandma’s advice, but I am a proud great-granddaughter of a judge this fine, fine day.

There is that.

And this.

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