Who Is That Beyond The Curtain?

What does a good guy look like? What does he do? What does a good guy say? Man, eh, seems like it wasn’t so long ago most could agree, at least marginally. Well, beyond wearing a white hat and all that nonsense, I mean, in all honesty, I may have my pollyanna rose-tinted glasses on, but, wasn’t there more of a consensus on this sort of stuff not so long ago? A decade maybe, at most?

Beginning to wonder if that rumptus down yonder has any friends at all who are not nupt-up, matched up, hooked up, with some Russian oligarch, peasant, spy, like really seriously, any at all? The entanglements are mind-blowing, the right out in the open like they didn’t think it mattered, sort of connections are stunning.

Almost like they didn’t think it was actually going to matter. Almost like they didn’t think Trump would win, but that given the opportunity, the connections in Washington a run at the big-prize could garner, em, foreign interests lets say. Almost, almost like they really didn’t think anyone would be paying any attention to a loser, once Clinton took office. I mean, who thought Trump would win? Not many, internationally and domestically, very few could be found, even now looking back at every little word recorded and noted for posterity in this social media-fueled world, where every little thing you say in public can be parrotted back at you in an instant. And there is no evidence that Russia backed Trump to win, but just as a valuable conduit alone, and accidentally won the big prize. Who’d a thunk?

I mean, you need to walk back and just think about what people thought, but there was a point, I know, where people in Europe started to take notice, and there were rumblings in parts of Eastern Europe of familiarity, of what a winner looks like, a potential nationalist sort of tyrannical dictator winner.

As an ex-stenographer rightly points out, the very fact the rumptus doesn’t want his words recorded, and why she lost her post, is the very element of the office that could solve all these little problems he has with what he said, or, what HE says he said. Presidents going back to Reagan had the pleasure of a stenographer in the OO recording in their secret script all that is said, for later reference if required.

Why wouldn’t this one want to be recorded? Em, let’s see, maybe cause he lies so much he WANTs to be able to walk back anything he says, right? Logical?

And, does make one conclude that perhaps when he said “drain” the swamp, he really meant “rain” the swamp with corruption.

I remember a few months ago, and my sister echoed a thought I feel many would understand, that sense that the powers that be wouldn’t let this sort of thing happen, not today. You know, we’re more sophisticated now, more technologically sound, more experienced, those officials in Washington wouldn’t let this happen? Right? Right? She said she thought that to be so, I told her she was wrong.

As is clearly displayed for us today, neither the Senate nor the House, nor anyone, really, has any taste in their mealy mouths to be the one to stand up, cross party lines, and proclaim their allegiance to the Department of Justice’s indictments, and in the entire probe itself. Em? Maybe? Why is that do you think? What is so special about this lying, possibly treasonous president?

Show some confidence, boys and girls, in your institutions, your journalists, your justice departments, and their judgements, findings, and indictments.

Conveniently though, we have the alt-right pinning it all on some “deep state”. Considering that both the Senate and the House are both Republican, and the president, not sure how that works, but whatever, some believe this with their whole heart, as their beloved media talking head tells them so.

One can certainly appreciate the job satisfaction of any governmental agency, staffer and otherwise, of having a boss that’s too stupid to know what it is you do, so leaves you to it, well, long as you have no morality left in your soul, must be a wonderful working environment.

I would imagine it makes running things a lot easier, on the day to day, just put a TV and fox news in front of him, primp and pander, pump him up, a compliment here and there never falls on deaf ears with that man, those pats on the back keep him happy and harmless, and out of your hair.

Oh, but get him on a stage, pounding away at this or that, a leader in name alone, really, as one can clearly see. He has all the chutzpah, but none of the finesse and mind a president requires to not get scammed by the big boys. Helsinki if nothing less has certainly given everyone a peek beyond the curtain, as it begins to be drawn back, and shadowy figures appear on stage, the real power, and you can’t clearly see who it is.

That’s where we are.

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