Mad Men In Suits? I’ll Take Menopause, Thanx

Bit more honesty here, but when I first heard of these allegations that were made against Kavanaugh, when they were still anonymous, of something that had happened when he was a teenager, I admit, I was like, ok, this seems a bit suspicious. 

Riding to work that day I thought of nothing else, going through it in my mind, of what I thought, and why, and I have to say I surprised myself with how I actually truly felt.

I was skeptical, at this late hour, after hearings that from what I was able to discern from those in the know, those of the balanced and thoughtful, bipartisan opinions, because my opinion was negative of him, but I’m not a Senator. And the opinions I heard were favourable, no real serious negative criticism could be levelled. He had been a bit edgy in his answers but seemed bipartisan enough that they were not concerned. He was a bit cadgy, but that’s expected from a nominee for the Supreme Court or any higher court. It’s expected. Conservative, sure, I didn’t care for him. 

No, it was a surprise that I felt the way I did, about Dr. Ford when she was still anonymous before she had come forward. And then more women came forward over the next few days, and the dominos started to fall, at odds with the good boy image he portrayed for his Fox News interview, with the keggers and passive/aggressive rich boy with raging hormones, and yearbooks came out to prove their point, and a pattern emerged.

I wondered, are these women for real? Is this a Trump-related backlash? Are these women riding the #metoo coat-tails to trash a Republican Supreme Court nominee? Would the Democrats take such a risk?

After the antics at the hearings by the Democrats, sure, ok, I admit, I was not exactly impressed with the display I saw, the spectacle. I don’t care for spectacle, as it never ends well, or leads to good decisions, good judgements are rarely made in the midst of spectacle, and its companion mayhem, screaming and belligerent displays of overt political spin to feed the plebs, and accomplishing very little. Worthless drivel and irate rampages of anger and hostility are never very fetching in a true leader, a decision maker for millions and millions, a lawmaker of the land. Or a judge. 

Yes, not very fetching on a judge, and most certainly not attractive in one who is eyeing the top court in the land, and an appointment for life.

Now, who gets THAT anymore?  Certainly can’t blame the guy for wanting the job, heck, I want that sort of job. Appointment for LIFE? Sign me up. 

So yea, I expect a bit more, call me picky. 

Quite frankly, after hearing her speak, I’d appoint Dr. Ford to a judgeship before Kavanaugh.

Dear lord, and his irrational outbursts, followed by tearful impassioned stories, and then came those unproven, and all-out delusional conspiracies about evil Democrats and the rath of the Clintons. Unhinged a…little?

Oh yeah, ol’Brett mashed the f this shite button, said to himself I’m given’r like 90 on Thursday, just ripped it up. Almost expected him to reach under the table and bring out a kegger at one point, and then the beer, beer, beer, beer rant,  which, btw, Canadians refer to as water. 

I’d expect, em, I don’t know, my friend D3 to go off on that sort of rant on any given Sunday,  not a nominee for the Supreme Court. 

Yeah, the Americans are screwed UP. Like RIGHT up the crazy tree, climbing all the way to the top, and god help them when they fall and hit every friggen dang branch on their way down. Let’s hope something catches their fall, cause it certainly isn’t going to be their grace.

The belligerent tirade that ensued Thursday afternoon in the hearing with Kavanaugh, the room fringed with tempers flaring up at random, senators saying words and phrases I’d not thought to hear pass their lips, and frustration at the Democrats slow-walk of this, hampering their October 1st deadline to get Kavanaugh confirmed before the Fall session. Their approach became, and looked to the rest of the world,  completely unhinged, offering his Ivy League education as some sort of inoculation from being this sexually aggressive, hard-drinking young man he was being painted, and acting as if that fact alone makes him innocent. Privilege much? 

At this point, one has to ask themselves who they want running their country? What sort of people should be allowed to sit on the highest court of the land? Who to make the most serious decisions that will affect Americans for decades to come? What kind of character should they have? Should they be honest, trustworthy and fair-minded? This is a sitting federal judge who took a judicial oath to uphold the truth, in a position that should be untainted by politics, with no axes to grind, and no baggage that could affect these very serious decisions they will be making. Should it not be a decision made out of the realm of spectacle? 

If I could ask a question of Judge Kavanaugh, after his testimony on Thursday, it would be if he would, with his judicial experience, say his performance at the hearing was judicial? Would he vote for himself, after that display? 

Even the American Bar Association was calling for an investigation be conducted before a vote was taken.

The American Bar Association is calling on the Senate Judiciary Committee to halt the consideration of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh until an FBI investigation is completed into the sexual assault allegations that have roiled his nomination.

But no, the committee was still all full-speed ahead, nothing to see here folks, get on with the show.

Then the afternoon on Friday came, and the Senate Judiciary Committee had scheduled the vote to confirm Kavanaugh and send it to the floor… came… and went.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Senator Flake had earlier in the day indicated his vote would be yes, and then the video of him being stopped at the elevator by the two assault victims appeared, and we saw his uncomfortable look, head down at first, and he looked one of them in the eyes who was emotionally pleading with him to reconsider.

If you believe in institutions, if you support the democratic process, the next set of events, the actions of one Republican senator with doubts, and a balanced mind (rather rare it would seem) got up from his chair and walked around behind his fellow committee members, tapped Senator Coons, and they disappeared into a back room.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. 

A compromise – with his vote of yes Flake added a caveat, that a week-long break is used to conduct a limited FBI investigation.

So, democracy won this battle.

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer.” 

Abraham Lincoln

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