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This Week: A Train Wreck In Fantasyland, Again

Whether they’re an anchor, a journalist or otherwise professional in the news cycle it has become like some sort of dance of the 7 veils to watch them avoid saying what they are thinking, trying to find other words to express their thoughts in a more professional manner, in regards anything having to do with this man who now haunts the hallowed halls of the White House.

I thankfully have no such restrictions. And thankfully neither do most comedians, well, or rather they have a little more leeway, and good writers, so it is refreshing to hear Bill Maher state the obvious, or obvious to some, that the 45th is “aggressively stupid“. I may have been a bit more aggressive in my language, f*ktard springs to mind, course you can’t say that on TV, I guess, can you?

This week that delightful POTUS again displayed his ignorance of what is actually going on, this time with ISIS, North Korea, Russia, Iran, because the aggressively stupid man does not actually read intel briefs from his chiefs, I suppose he doesn’t read anything unless it’s about him.

Over the last several years, President Trump has noted that on a vast array of topics he is the world’s “foremost authority”. The subjects of his mastery include border security, campaign contributions, courts, debt, drones, Facebook, infrastructure, the Left, money, nuclear war, Osama Bin Laden, politicians, steelworkers, taxes, technology, television, trade, visas and Wall Street bankers. It is therefore perhaps not surprising that the topic of foreign threats is also one on which Trump sees himself as better informed than his own Intelligence agencies.

NEWSWEEK | The Strange Places Trump Gets His Intelligence From | by Steve Denning, Jan 31, 2019, 10:55pm

His ignorance would be amusing if he wasn’t the president of the United States.

These individuals he thinks need to go back to school are some of the most serious-minded professionals in government. I mean, they are paid to be serious-minded, they head very serious American intelligence-gathering entities, serious people with access to all sorts of serious reports and important intel from all over the world, and quite frankly I am at a loss, seriously at a loss how on earth a man who doesn’t read his briefs and gets his talking points from either Putin or some neo-con pundit he saw on TV can actually believe he knows better? How? Faeries told him so?


Although no factual evidence has emerged to support the claims, commentators like MSNBC host Rachel Maddow have noted the startling similarity of Trump’s claims to the 2018 movie Sicario: Day of the Soldado, which depicts Mexican drug cartels smuggling terrorists across the U.S. border, shows taped-up women, “super strong cars” and border agents finding prayer rugs.


The president of the United States is like the crazy uncle who believes everything he sees on TV is real and is convinced of all manner of crazy-arse crap, and whose rantings and ravings, thankfully, you only have to put up with maybe once or twice a year at family get-togethers cause you’ve unfollowed him on Facebook. Yeah, cept he’s not your uncle and instead we are subjected to this inane twits crap every friggin day.

Really, you should not have to explain to the president of the United States that IT IS ONLY A MOVIE!!!! Oh, and that Sean Hannity is not exactly your go-to-guy for, oh, I don’t know… ANYTHING!

No, I do not envy TV pundits or anyone paid to report on this daily dose of dumb arse, their tongues must be mighty sore from having to constantly be biting back what they’d like to say, struggling to maintain their professionalism, to somehow cover this president as if he’s, um, actually rational and well informed, as if this is all normal and not that rantings of a possible madman.

It is seriously mindboggling when you realize that one of the roles of an intel chief, I mean their CHIEF customer, is the president and if the very person whose job it is to KNOW refuses to KNOW, I mean, I don’t even know what that means.

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” 


Although, and this is pure, unadulterated cockeyed speculation you understand, but could also be the intel chiefs don’t tell him some stuff cause they’re concerned of who else he may tell, em?

Not the first time, I mean, he has a bit of a track record of not being the sharpest pin in the box and a habit of blurting out all sorts of crazy stuff, and who knows what would pop out of his mouth at some campaign rally in butt-fuk nowheresville, and end up setting off another international incident, which he is oh so very good at, cause he is aggressively stupid.

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