Of The Good And The Evil

Out in the garden poking around, eyeing my babies, tidying up, well, much as I do, more ‘set dressing’, fiddling really at this time of year, when in thru the hedge row breaks this woman, not of course aware there is a door, but anywho. A few years older than I, and she had just heard about Denis, my next door neighbour; she was an old friend of his from years back, and had just heard the news, and I remembered that the obit came out today.

I expect I may start to see a few more passing thru the hedgerow for a last goodbye, to that spirit of good that he was, and that comes into one’s life but rarely, and their passing brings a sense there is just a little less in the universe without them, there is a void in the matrix – and she reminded me of his tickety-boo and how are you.

It is going to be so different without him there, someone new will take the apartment I gather, eventually. She actually mentioned it, as this place, this spot, it is highly coveted, a desirable location for some.

So, tidying up some more and took this broken plate I forgot to bring in last fall that broke in two over the winter, and straightening up my pathway, my secret way, I added one to either side, you know, making do. Adding bits and bobs, more of the broken clay pot shards I found on Denis’ side, and added those to the edging.

A new acquisition – a plant stand I found free at the side of the road.

Now, as for the evil that men do, what with work, and not actually really givin’ a ruddy care what ol’Barr had to share, as it would all be laced with lies and dodges, and I don’t recall, with the GOP blathering on in lock step, weak men going along with the party line – Lindsay even pulled out the classic crowd pleaser “BUT her Emails”. No surprises, pft. Couldn’t watch too much of that, Barr has no credibility left. Though, watching him squirm was certainly a treat, and just a day after the release of Mueller’s letter where he is saying basically, Ah, that’s not what I said, but I just couldn’t handle the whole BS enchilada.

Twitterverse was ripe with disdain, and play by play commentary on who said what, and of course the touchdowns, like Democratic Senator Harris getting him to admit he’s really just a stuttering toadie know nothing who didn’t even read the whole Mueller Report.

Golden Creeping Jenny

Oh, but the piece d’resistance for me I suppose was Comey with this rather chilling explanation for these sycophantic loyalists such as Barr, Kellyanne, Giuliani and crew;

 “Accomplished people lacking inner strength can’t resist the compromises necessary to survive Mr. Trump and that adds up to something they will never recover from,” he explains.


“And then you are lost,” Comey concludes. “He has eaten your soul.”

Rollingstone.com | James Comey Explains Why William Barr and Others Let Trump ‘Eat Their Souls’ | By RYAN BORT

Yes, certainly some things you never recover from. Frankly I hope each of them rots in their own personal stink, never quite getting rid of that smell of rot and corruption that follows Trump around. Each one of them have been led down that path willingly, every sentence they speak, every silence in the wake of that man’s corruption, their reputations smeared with the stain of him forever.

Yes, a reputation is a precious thing to waste.

“The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones.”

William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

And for those who would trash their good name for a man who does not give a fig for them?

Well, so tickety-boo.


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