So, About That Politico Mumbo Jumbo, I Don’t Know What The Hades To Say, And Some Advice

When I look at, listen to, read about anything Trump related, the one thing that stands out is how out of touch he is with reality. Reality to him seems like some sort of thing he can mould to take the shape of whatever ‘reality’ he is in, unrelated to actual ‘reality’.

See, one of the reasons I’ve hauled back on the U.S. Political posts is that it just seems to have become this cauldron of chaos, with the rumpTus dipping in, the media taking a gulp, the loyalists worshipping the greatness of the liquidity of his multitude of lies, and the rest of us scratching our head wondering what the?!

Its become kind of depressing really, same thing different day.

But it is all part of the show, the man, the role he plays, all of it is for him just how it is, how its always been.

He has lived the majority of his life up in some ‘ivory’, or in his case black, tower. High above the masses, the plebs, surrounded by yes ‘men’, enablers, staff, weak-minded, greed within the marrow of their bones.

Most people who surround him are only there because they are willing to allow him to believe his own BS. No one stays long within his orbit who disagrees, is rational, reminds him of his role, if they don’t play along he just sacks them, or rather gets someone else to sack them as he’s a fraidy-cat and can’t do it himself.

Once I guess you see him in that context, it makes sense that he would just believe what he says is fact, because why would he believe otherwise? He is treated, and insists on that treatment, that belief he is a, oh, I don’t know, good business person, smart, has good instincts, because generally there are few around him to tell him any different.

He has been isolated for the majority of his adult life, so you could say that his life is more or less just one big fat lie. You could say that because of that he has just never learned HOW to handle the truth. Not I guess so much that he can’t, but more that he just does not know how to handle the truth.

I mean, you and I, at some point in our lives learn this basic skill of how to handle disappointments, how to handle the reality of day to day, of our misguided notions and that our potions to protect ourselves only go so far. See, don’t think he just ever really had those barriers, those lessons, never seemed to be given the opportunity maybe, hard to really say, but he basically to me acts like a petulant child-man, a spoiled brat, as much as he may in fact be a narcissist, he is just not a grown up.

So I suppose maybe that is the attraction some have to him, this petulant child-man, his antics, his way of just speaking whatever hair-brained nonsense that comes into his addled mind, it is something they find attractive, something they admire.

My father, a Trump supporter, he said as much, more or less. Said that he found him funny, and he is amusing, and regardless of his constant lies, it really doesn’t matter to him because he puts on a good show, and that is all that matters. Unlike the boring professional politico’s, Trump is funny, I guess, though I am missing that part, but anywho.

But that’s the thing, eh? People are tired of the political actors, the Washington racket, the men and women who say and do what they are expected, whatever gets them elected.

Of course, Trump is doing that too, as are all the republicans, but for some reason this dog and pony show is fine and dandy, nothing to see here folks, the democrats are still the evil slime eating scum, not this good man we know Putin bought and sold us for our souls.

And as everyone, the media, journalists, all of those who cover him, they all have their mandates of seeking truth, exposing lies, informing the public, but Trump throws all that out the window as he lies and lies and lies and even seems to actually believe his own lies, and over time it just makes everyone seem like they are attacking, when in fact what they are in actuality doing is their job. But, with him its like a game of whack-a-mole, and the more you whack a lie, the more lies he tells, and the more his followers lap it up because his lies to them are a feature not a fault.

All that is why he is so very dangerous, as he is not a real grown up, has no boundaries, can not be trusted with sensitive intelligence, goes with his gut when his gut his full of bullshit and burgers, and all of that is going to get the United States at some point into possibly another stupid and deranged war, and for what? I’m sorry, but I can’t see how that base of his will want their children marching off to die in another war – wasn’t that something he had promised them he wouldn’t do?

They won’t get into a war necessarily because Trump wants a war, not necessarily, but rather because he surrounds himself with such bottom draw greedy desperate addle minded minions that will lead him into a war.

That is the problem with weak child-men is that they lack that basic strength, discerning when someone is appealing to that weakness, your gigantic ego that is so easy to stroke.

Plus, his bully tactics don’t work as well on the world stage, as shifting actors, corrupt monomaniacal men, tyrants, dictators, whoever, they are not just going to roll over and play dead like all the yes men and toadies he is used to. They don’t like to be played, don’t like to be bullied, and most of Trumps actions since becoming president have been disrespectful to many whom he should be, well, should be somewhat more respectful, just because anything less could, and may just be right now, leading the country to a war – like with Iran.

Now there are no easy answers to any of this – not removal, or indictment or impeachment, or censure, or any of that.

No, I am not advocating for or against.

What I am doing instead, I guess I’m pulling the reins back, letting go of the political rants and ravings a bit for a while since lately it has just felt more like I’m just adding to the incitement, the blaze that is already engulfing so many truths and institutions and hitting now so close to the core of democracy that I feel more inspired to sing, perhaps, more important to add to the choir of voices, rather than the din of rage and disbelief raging through those United States of America, land of my birth, once home of the free.

Not to say I am not ever going to write about it again, just not all the time. I will not NOT write, just more sporadically, as the mood takes me, as I am inspired to, as the news compels me to, just not as a running commentary like it was.

So, more of other things I shall pontificate upon, er, well, probably garden photos and perhaps stories about, like stories about last night taking little Wolf out for her 19ths birthday and how I can recommend to anyone considering this stupid thing, that I would rather poke a fork in my eye than take another 19 year old out to a bar for her birthday.

Do I look impressed, or do I look impressed?

Can’t say for certain if she learned anything, dos and don’ts, but I learned that at the very least don’t take them to your favourite bar, on your favourite nite, as you may just run the risk of getting banned for life. Not that we did, but, given I’m an introvert and do not like drawing attention to myself, that was sort of how it felt, or seemed to be a possibility.

To be honest, I was relieved no one got hurt, least of all her since it would seem her legs disagreed with her oft mentioned, like all friggin nite, about how she can handle her booze, and when they finally told me I should, em, move her along outside the bar…seriously… although I did have to leave in the middle of my jive.

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