The Predator President And The Pedophile And All The Other Stuff That Happened This Week That Made My Blood Boil

Who knew, eh, that when we hire jackals who profit from the unchecked predatory natures of wealthy men and their patriarchal stench of their desires, believing themselves above the law, who knew that associating with these stink piles could backfire? Who knew that hiring a scumbag who willingly makes cushy deals with wealthy hustlers that rape and traffic young girls and children could come back to haunt you?

This case of Epstein has brought to the surface the myriad connections of the wealthy and those in power looking away, giving them non-prosecutions deals and then lying about it, and just as they all do, thinking they are above the law, can do what they want, and basically because they have generally no reason to think otherwise.

White male privilege is alive and well, protecting predators from the laws of the land for centuries.

In some ways Acosta’s resignation is not just the umpteenth Trump cabinet member resigning under a cloud of scandal. One would think helping a rich pedophile get away with sexual assault of multiple children with such a nice non-prosecution agreement would maybe be a bridge too far for even a Trump administration official. Don’t you think someone may have foreseen the shi!storm that could kick up?

Apparently not.

Heck, for the Trump administration it’s just another day of the week. This administration has made being an unethical piece of crap a prerequisite, since realistically, who else can he get that would be willing to risk destroying their reputation but someone who has no reputation to lose?

These predators, feeding off the trough of unchecked capitalist desires, protected, given a free-reign by other wealthy corrupt sicko’s is the very basis of Trump’s wealth, his modus operandi, it’s how he’s always done business.

This case is not an anomaly, it is the norm, this man has surrounded himself with the corrupt and crooked, predatory hustlers, wealth and privilege being their calling card, there get out of jail free card.

I know, rant on, and nothing comes of it. Rant on, and eventually you are relegated to a corner, and even family members question your obsession, your anger, your knowledge becomes like a bitter pill you can’t ignore. Rant on, and many turn weary eyes away from the circus of chaos and inept pomposity of the White House toddler and chief, and his unqualified appointed minions are no longer news, they are the background noise of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Every day, scandal after scandal, a fire hose of criminal investigations, shady connections, corrupt appointees, convicted felons, caged men, women and child migrants, and on, and on, and on, and who among us is truly still actually surprised at the criminality and cruelty that surrounds this 45th president of the United States? A man to which you know cruelty is not a mistake, but a feature, a campaign promise for his loyal lemmings desire for such.

Foreign dignitaries from around the world laugh at him behind his back, report back to their governments of the vast ineptness of his administration, clumsy diplomacy, of his gigantic ignorance.

Not surprising really, the president is blind to it all, oblivious to what people actually think about him, what they say to their governments back home, rather succinctly demonstrated by the whole leaked emails scandal involving the UK Ambassador to the U.S., causing the Ambassador to resign.

The trouble for the president is that Sir Kim’s blunt assessment of White House dysfunction, chaos and incompetence dramatically undercut this rosy picture. Here was the representative of a close ally in confidential memos to British leaders essentially saying the emperor has no clothes. | Sir Kim Darroch: Five things the UK ambassador row reveals about Trump | Anthony Zurcher, 10 July 2019

“America is respected again”, Trump insists. I have to admit, I really am still amazed at the twisted reality this guy lives within, surrounded by hustlers who really only want something from him, he is bound to be oblivious. Who from that twisted group that serve him would tell him anything different from what he wants to hear? What do they care what people think of him, and what good would it do to tell him the truth? They know all that it would accomplish is a trip to the unemployment line, and less fodder and delicious factoids for the book they’re going to write.

So the slippery slime ball goes about his business of dividing and conquering the American public’s hearts from their minds, drowning everyone in this sea of crisis and chaos, lies and clumsy diplomacy, the ignoramus recognizes no boundaries.

Rich and powerful men have been given a pass for centuries, survival of the fittest is their mantra, belief that their wealth and vast means is their free pass for whatever laws they have to ignore, break, bypass, on their way to getting what they want.

It’s just Saturday.

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