For anyone who decides at some point they want to know more, there is a particular cycle that begins, as the more we learn, the more we read, the more we understand – theories, ideas, philosophies, sciences, histories etc – the inevitable conclusion we come to is how much we do not know. So, when I began to wade into the shark invested waters of the current political climate in America, there was from the onset the issue of the fact I knew jack poop about the underlying structure of the engine that runs America. Policies, histories, all of it, of the left and the right, the alternate universe we seem to have become entangled in, I am dragged a bit farther down the rabbit hole of rabid news cycles daily and time and again I learn a little more, and a little more, and still stand dumbfounded at the cacophony of chaos that this TV reality star has managed to kick up.

Nothing anymore is what you expect, as all the players on the field are slowly revealing their true natures, true ideologies, true allegiances. Seems like many of the cronies, toadies and greedy guts on the right have drank the Kool-Aid and in lock step come up with some of the most WTF is this crazy MF of explanations for stuff the president does, and they exhibit no visible signs of how ape poop hypocritical or fabricated downright liar liar pants on fire they are.

So day after day we watch as all the things that in any other normal administration there would be some respect for, in any normal administration no president would stoop to, or that any normal presidency would just throw aside for their own personal gain, well, like the rules, civil discourse, the checks and balances, the dignity of the office held, of branches of government now merely a tool to be used at will.

A division that has become profound, growing, intentionally instigated, wedged farther and farther, and every single American, anyone who pays any attention at all to this commander of chaos and his troop of baloney salespeople, all of us are being manipulated, and the end result? The purpose?

Well, some believe that it all goes back to a worldwide movement by Russia to re-align the geopolitical landscape to suit a white supremacist agenda.

A fantastic post about this is on Teri Kanefields blog, where she points out;

For decades now, Russia has been “beckoning” to America’s far right wing, presenting Russia as the savior of white majority rule. (Timothy Snyder’s word)

The GOP doesn’t think that allying itself with Russia is a betrayal of America. They think they’re saving America.

All of this strategically worded and disseminated talking points we read, watch from the loyalists, is Trumps mandated loyalty at all costs, no room for the once coveted collective of experience and diversity of minds, lock-step, everyone tows the party line, like a good little Naa…z… well never mind.

So, I guess #MoscowMitch has got his little saggy knickers all in a knot over his new and well-deserved nickname. Guess he’s decided that all the liberal snowflake lefties are now as well commie hunters, with a hearkening back to McCarthyism. Really just sidesteps the whole question of what he is actually doing to prevent election meddling, which, as far as I can tell is really nothing, blocking every bill that comes to the senate, whether bipartisan or not, won’t let any of them through for a vote. Now, why is that?

Ok, fine, Democrats are just peddling modern day McCarthyism, whatever.

They are beating us down, making us weep, making it feel like all hope is lost, and that America is doomed to become just another authoritarian 21st century newfangled fascist regime, led by a reality star conman and his offspring, fuelled by white supremacist ideologies that have been growing in the darkest corners of America for decades, now right out in the open and legitimized by right-wing extremist players from all over the globe.

Russia is motivated not by making themselves more powerful, which they really can’t under the current geopolitical landscape, but instead is successfully undermining that current landscape, and weakening democracy (or trying to) all over the world – the Ukraine, Britain, the Middle East – not just in America.

Russia couldn’t join the EU because of the requirement that members uphold the principles of equality and rule of law. Nations that violate human rights are unwelcome. (Facts from Timothy Snyder) Putin therefore formed his own club, the EEU, and set out to destroy the EU.

Part of the plan was to lead the US away from the EU and into the EEU. Last time I checked, the EEU had five members: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. Vietnam, Iran, and China have Free Trade Zone agreements.

Teri Kanefield Blog | MOSCOW MITCH MCCONNELL | July 27th, 2019

The sanctimoniousness blather of the POTUS trolls and MAGAs defend with glee every tweet and lie, hook, line and sinker. We watch as how interchangeable become those old Christian values, as they fly out the window, now cruelty has become strategy, racism a campaign platform.

And again, some crazy neo-Nazi gunmen opens fire with another AK-47, this time at a garlic festival in California, but it’s just another day in America. Just another gunmen, another massacre, and it barely registers as everyone is so focused on this ranting and raving rat infested hypocrisy, dripping from his little pudgy hands the POTUS snaps off his latest race baiting tweet.

Nobody anymore even blinks when we read that he’s trying to take 500,000 children from the lunch program, no one is surprised as we watch the guy pick the pockets of his own loyal subjects, cause they feast on the cries of cruelty from the Democrats and their actually wanting to help the poor and feed the hungry. How DARE they have compassion and empathy for the fellow humans that struggle to feed their children day after day, those horrible cruel Democrats.

Truth is a lie, and a lie is the truth, and white nationalistic players from foreign ports lick their lips as they watch the dismantling of the American dream, as they greatly fear that whole WE THE PEOPLE thang.

Remember, they FEAR their own people.

And please, someone, explain to me exactly why average Joe American needs an AK-47? Do they suck that much at shooting things with a regular rifle? I mean, Canadians as a general rule are fairly satisfied with the regular rifles, we don’t really seem to have the need to spray rapid fire bullets at our fellow citizens, generally.

However, the NRA really like their Russians, and making sure everyone is all riled up about having their guns taken away feeds the coffers, and gives those old foes of yore a foothold into Washington, so they can peddle their white supremacist worldview even farther into the heart of America.

But, remember, WE the people. WE – that is our super power. WE.

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