The Normalization Of Cruelty And Corruption

Beginning to wonder if perhaps the GOP strategy is to undermine the very foundations of 243 years of American democracy their own way. Perhaps, you know, just do the work of the extremist Islamic terrorist, undermine democracy themselves, just to keep Muslim’s out of the equation? Maybe they like the concept, but they’re racist so prefer to have whites doing the dirty work of undermining democracy.

Kind of joking, kinda.

Yet, we watched yesterday in that viral video representative Deb Butler lose her fricken mind as the Republicans of the state of North Carolina fooled the press and the Democrats into believing there would not be a vote on the floor. The Democratic members and the press were attending 9/11 ceremonies instead.

Video going viral shows Butler resisting GOP lawmakers’ vote to override Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of the state budget during a session without the attendance of dozens of Democratic representatives. Republican lawmakers had reportedly told Democrats the vote would be delayed until later in the day.
“I will not yield,” Butler repeatedly says in the clip.

The Huffington Post

So, let that sink in. The Republicans fooled their colleagues into believing there would not be a vote, so that they could hold a vote whilst most of the members of the House were at a ceremony commemorating the 18th anniversary of the death of 3000 and the attack on Democracy by terrorists.

Clearly, this is not the actions of a party who has faith in its own future. It is the actions of despots who know their days are numbered, and because they are a minority feel justified in cheating.

Um, not exactly what the founding fathers had in mind.

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Probably exactly what those terrorists had in mind.

The Republicans of today have made it crystal clear that they have no interest nor plans of reforming themselves. Rather than move forward into the 21st century and transform their party in to one that better reflects the diversity of today’s conservative values, they choose instead to drag everyone back in time.

They have decided to use authoritarian tactics, have made it their policy to manipulate the will of the people to serve their own white privileged misogyny and greedy self-interested policies. They have made it clear that cruelty and corruption is a feature, not a bug of this new GOP.

It to me just looks as though they are doing their best to normalize cruelty, to be more and more heinous, more and more corrupt, and for what? Course, if that’s not what they are doing, they certainly have become rather adept at making it look like that’s what they are doing.

Here we have the most unpopular President in American history, leading the most corrupt manifestation of the Republican party down the path to… well, who really knows where they THINK they are going.

Personally, if I believed in such a place, I would say hell. But anywho.

Perhaps their demise won’t come as early as 2020, but that will definitely give us a signpost to where they are headed. The next generation coming of age have watched as the GOP dove headfirst into more and more corruption, representatives and senators with bulging bank accounts courtesy of the NRA and other corporate lobbyist, watched as they remain silent as the streets, malls, and places of worship are soaked in blood, and all they give are their thoughts and prayers.

Today though praying may very well get you killed, and thinking is in some states considered the rocky road to libtard hell.

Undemocratic actions that for all the world it appears as though they WANT to create an authoritarian regime where they hold the reins and are allowed to ram through whatever racist, misogynist, cruel or self-interested policy they desire – the will of the people be damned.

The question that still nags me, even today, even after watching and reading about state after state gerrymandering voter districts along race or party – why? If they are not hellbent on destroying democracy, then what is their goal?

It has become the norm though, corrupt and manipulative actions is the bread and butter of the Republican, just like we saw in North Carolina. They know they won’t win, so they cheat.

So, these have become GOP values – cheat, lie, manipulate, steal, be cruel and inhumane, and destroy democracy.

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Seriously, do they not see how disgusting this sort of thing would look, and on the very day America looks back to the actions of those whose goal was to destroy American democracy? What, now Republicans are all like, hey, ya’ll just stay on home, we got this!

Really, they didn’t maybe think tricking their colleagues into being somewhere else, so they could turn the vote how they wanted it on September 11th may seem, um, absolutely and massively disgusting?

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