The Resilient Parlour Palm

One of the next plants I dragged back from the grocery store, after Ali, was a Parlour Palm. It just had this wonderful jungle vibe, and frondish leaves like a fern, and has this feel of some old Victorian parlour.

Its native habitat is jungle understory, and hence can take quite low light – I have 1arge one back around 7-8 feet from a north facing window, and a medium-sized one another foot more from a north facing window.

I divided it this spring, and kept a couple medium size, and one little baby I have growing in Leca.

Light-wise, each is in slightly different light – biggesst two are back the farthest, medium one 3 feet from a 10w Sansi grow-light, and the baby one right in a north facing window.

I have to say, I do rather adore these guys, as they are so airy and graceful, and don’t mind at all low-light, grows merrily along in the LECA, and just as well in just bog-standard off the shelf soil mix (with a couple handfuls of perlite).

It does like to dry completely between watering. So, all and all, it’s a rather carefree houseplant, not really requiring anything special, a real water and forget sorta plant. Also, it doesn’t grow that large, just about 3 feet I guess, and maybe the same wide.

This is also another houseplant that would love a nice full shade patio, and seems to love our hot & humid summers here in Southwestern Ontario. They add another jungle flavour to my wee woodland garden.

Family: Arecaceae
Botanical Name: Chamaedorea elegans
Common Names: Neanthe Bella Palm, Parlour Palm
*** Native from Mexico to Honduras

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