Do You Believe In Magic?

I peed on it when I was little, I think I was 3.

So, when my sister and I were divvying up the furniture – after Wendy-bitch {ya, long story, ex-step-mom} had redecorated the Homestead – we decided I should have it since I’d technically claimed it.

I have an old photograph of me sitting on it with great grandma.

I’ve actually only seen, in person, one other like it, though it was the complete set… 2 chairs and the love seat… and they were this rather fetching cherry red.

We’ve always called the colour of it green, but the velvet now has a more yellowed hue.

All the decorative work looks hand carved, with a certain rustic charm, though I think it is what they call ‘machined’. These pieces are also considered Victorian Cottage Furniture.

I’ve done some research, and apparently it is an Eastlake Settee.

Although Charles Eastlake did not make furniture, his movement influenced the interior design of American homes with English designs that were easy to clean, functional, and simple. The ‘Eastlake’ style is of Victorian architecture and one of the core principles of this style was that Eastlake thought that the furniture in people’s homes should be good looking and be made by manufacturers who enjoyed their work.[1] This was contrary to the previous style of furniture, with pieces that were large, heavy, and thick, and that collected dust and germs.

Wikipedia – Eastlake Movement

So many conversations have transpired on that settee. Important wants, sad ones. Pouring out of hearts, some tears.

Oh, and certainly some beers.

And magic. But, of course, we all have our opinions about magic.

See… that Green Velvet Settee has seen some magic.

Dancing to songs that make our hearts sing. Like this song… this is my parents song. Now, sure, grandpa made them sit out in dads friend’s car… with this cool record player… but …

But… that’s magic for ya…

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