In The Beginning

Remember the quiet wonders. The world has more need of them than it has for warriors.”

― Charles de Lint, Moonheart

AND SO I WRITE FRIDAY MORN, October 26th, 2012, was the first post. The Anglican Priest at Tim’s Dad’s church, where the funeral was to be held, asked me to email her and tell her about who he was from my perspective. Then, almost a week after the funeral, after tiring of genealogy research, I turned to this blog I had setup a month before Tim’s death. Not knowing where to start, I copy and pasted that email into the editor, and hit PUBLISH. So began The Temenos Journal.

Irish & Tim

Not knowing really how to blog, I decided to just copy out my hardcopy journals. So I copied out all that Tim and I had experienced over the previous year and a half. I went back further, about going to BealArt, and boys, and my Mom’s death.

At some point though all that cancer, grief, coping and life experiences of youth just wasn’t enough, but in the beginning, it was my journals that predominated those early posts.

DATE RANGES: 1986 – 2012.

*A Suitcase for Memories* 1985-1994

*Old Journals – an intro* 1986-2003

*From the Beginning* 2001-2012

*Garden Journal 2012*

*A Rough Guide To The RED DUO-TANG*

New Years 1993 - 94
New Years 1993 – 94

As I settled into the writing groove, I branched out with multiple volume posts, OLD JOURNALS: an introduction which continues in LOST IN HELIUM SPHERES, and the finale, The LADY OF THE CELLAR.

Another two-part post are of those days in and out of the hospital, and the metamorphosis between normal and a medically dominated surreality – with the exceptionally imaginative title of: Thameswood – Part One. However, that was actually the second round. The story of the FIRST round at the Hospital I wrote about in THE MOUNT | SEPTEMBER 2011.

Mom & MeThese various posts represent the core of the first 3 years of this blog. What happens now? Well, who knows, as I really can be like a tea towel in the wind, and I just take it one day at a time.

And who am I? Well, this and this goes into that.

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