Re-Arranging My Life: Inside Out

After an annoying walk with pull the skin off my hands Irish, I came home, broke open the kitchen window, and went on a spree. A good ol’sweep, mop and scrub and get to the bottom of, ol’ clean-up. Moved everything around alittle, moved this piece here, block this view, open up and move around some light – wrangle the Irish Dust Bunnies. Get the … Continue reading Re-Arranging My Life: Inside Out

A Re-Imagining of the Inner Sanctum

Yesterday was my first day off after the most recent shift-bid at work.  I worked my first two 10 hour shifts, and awoke with the realization I was in need of a change. It’s not merely that I don’t like how my place looks, it was more that I don’t like how I’m utilizing it. I’ve grown to dislike the worship the bed look, and the fact I spend all my non-working hours upon … Continue reading A Re-Imagining of the Inner Sanctum

Redefining The Details

Today the air was mild, and the sun poked its head out for a few hours in the afternoon, so off I went with Irish for a walk. Nothing like a sunny afternoon walk around the quiet village streets… letting Irish sniff the News till her heart’s content. I have spent this whole weekend customizing this blog. Re-aligning, re-defining, and such. Once the creative juices … Continue reading Redefining The Details

Welcome To The Inside Of My Gypsy Caravan

Outside sits what was apparently supposed to be a sort of Gypsy Caravan. My landlord told me that the previous tenant had acquired this axle and wheels from “SOME ONE”. This evidently forgotten (or set aside?) dream is now resting in my garden. OR, what I had intended for a garden.  However, it has not been established yet if the Gypsy Caravan is a permanent fixture, therefore I have … Continue reading Welcome To The Inside Of My Gypsy Caravan

Putting It All Together

Sometimes we need to be reminded, ya know, of how lucky we really are. Or, I suppose more specifically, how lucky I am. Looking around at my wee abode this morning, and I thought to myself, “self, you are really puttin’ it together“. I have had to remind myself to ENJOY NOW. Not look longingly towards “someday”, or anymore of those wistful glances back at … Continue reading Putting It All Together

Boho-Zen in a Small Space

The colours outside are changing, and so I figured it would be a fantastic time to change the colours on the inside. Well, more add to the colours is more correct. So, with a paintbrush and imagination in hand, I began to paint the kitchen. You see, I’ve always wanted to live in a bachelor apartment. I mean, call me crazy, but the efficiency, location and … Continue reading Boho-Zen in a Small Space