My American Family

To Be The Rebel With A Cause

When I spoke to my dad back in the fall of 2015 about Trump, what stood out, the reason he said he would vote for him – and remember this was when he seemed like a long shot – was that dad liked that he just “said it like it is”, and that dad believed […]


She Ain’t No Southern Belle

We all have those regrets, the missed opportunities, the people, places, things. Maybe one day, out of the blue, that missed opportunity calls you up, a second chance? Could be you don’t rightly recall why you missed out, but now you see this again before you, and what do you do? In a nutshell, a […]


From This Place Am I

Standing on the covered porch, with that old Oak Tree for shade, awaits a woman who saw two wars, and whose ancestors bloodstain from the civil war lay in the closet in the hall. The tobacco barns off in the fields, as time went on, leaning more and more. Along dusty roads my Dad spent […]