Christmas back in Dodge

IMG_0263Up early this morning and watched the sunrise over the old Norway Spruce  and was thinking how in this house I could walk around blind and still know where I am.  Our family has celebrated 115 years of Christmas’ in this old farmhouse. The table where we ate our festive feast is as much a fixture as the knule post at the bottom of the stairs. It is these floors that my ancestors have walked, the same door family and friends have been welcomed through. Over the years the walls have changed colour, doors have been closed over, and re-opened, walls put back up and creaky old wide plank floors have changed colour  and time marches on.  One generation gives way to another, but we can sense there blessings as we bow our heads in prayer to acknowledge why we have gathered.IMG_0281

New members of the family are welcomed, as old friends we lost touch with are once again guests at our table. This is the original Temenos…and we are thankful and blessed by that.

Last year Tim was too sick, and we spent Christmas instead with his Dad & sisters family. This year it was hard without him. Even with my family around me, there is an emptiness. Both Irish and I felt it. I don’t know what Dogs feel, but she has been down since we arrived and has hardly touched her dog food. Course, my nieces have been sneaking her morsels of god only knows what, so she could just be experiencing a tummy ache.

It has been wonderful to be home. Wonderful to hear the excitement Christmas morning, and of course Irish has been the centre of the girls attention. I am certain they were much more excited to see her then me…and that is fine…she is worthy of the adoration. She will be mightily missed when we return to the lake.

So the Temenos Journal will return to regular programming in a few days. ;-)

6 thoughts on “Christmas back in Dodge

  1. You definitely have a connection with houses, Paula. Your dreams, your gardens, your history. I love reading about houses through your eyes. Beautiful.


    1. I never thought of it that way, but yes. Houses hold lots of memories. I just found some drawings my Grandma from NC did years ago of all the houses she lived in thru the years. Very primitive style, but charming. The nieces loved seeing them.

      BTW…didn’t even think about C4C till the morning…busy playing with the nieces, drinking vino with the sister and catching up. :)


    1. Thank you….home now. It was hard at times, but overall it was a good time. My family has not spent that kind of time together in years…we all needed it. To see Dad laughing while we watched my sisters youngest playing hockey, and seeing their faces christmas morning … priceless. Only on New Years Eve did it really hit me. It’s all good though. I’m at peace and feel blessed.


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