Bullet to Phone

Email Me Late for Dinner

Do not call me. Please, don’t even bother. Phones are an intrusion.  I have to atleast have some concern for the phone as I get few calls really. So now you have to stop, and by the time I’m over there they’ve hung up or they’re leaving a message. Oh, because you know darn well that the only time it actually does ring I’m right in the middle of something – like eating. I don’t care who it is if I’m eating, and I don’t care when I’m eating either – I will not answer the phone.

I did change the ring to a little tune though last year. So now I can dance around the room to the phone ringing, if I choose to. And I have so chosen to, on a number of occasions. ;-) I have a little song I sing too….goes something like “go F yourself, go F yourself” and then repeat again and again, whilst doing a sort of polka like jig. I save the song and dance mostly for the ones I KNOW are creditors of some sort for either Tim or myself. So that’s always a bit of fun.

Otherwise though, it’s a ruddy nuisance and I’m seriously considering not getting one at all…just get a tablet or something and skype everyone. Anyone who wants to call can email…even my Dad can do that menial computer task now. He hates phones more than I do.

I must give myself a pat on the back for my graphic; rather pleased with how it turned out – very happenstance.  I took a picture of the rotten thing and than just morphed and changed it until I got an image I liked. The bullet to the phone image just sort of emerged as I was fiddling in Picasa.

Lovely way to waste an hour, thank you Daily Prompt. Better than cleaning mold off antique frames of ancestors I found in the basement. Nice. I didn’t even know they were there…I’m probably going to come down with some lung infection now. Used bleach to kill the spores and wore a mask, but who knows.

AH…but the ruddy phone didn’t ring…so that’s a blessing.

This Post is part of the DAILY PROMPT: CALL ME, MAYBE


  1. Kozo

    Love the song and dance, Paula. Maybe you can open the line before you start singing and dancing. haha.
    Great image. Wasn’t sure what it was at first, but it totally fits.


    1. PaulaB

      LOL…I’m not sure if my audience would appreciate the lyrics …the dance of course would be wasted on them ;-)…not on Irish though, she likes to join right in and we’ll polka round the kitchen a couple steps together. Fun game for her.


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