Merry Maudlin Monday w/John Prine

Love this guy. Saw him in concert a few years ago at Massey Hall.  He is a storyteller and always has a rather unique way of looking at things.

John Prine – It’s A Big Old Goofy World


6 thoughts on “Merry Maudlin Monday w/John Prine

    1. Thanks tony…really really behind with my comment replies…moving, getting settled etal. I really appreciate the nomination…well, because I too LOVE John Prine.


    1. :) love his music. Musician friend introduced me to him years ago — we were all round a campfire and every single person there new ALL the words to every John Prine song he played for them on his guitar. So I had to of course go see him when he came to Massey Hall. It was difficult to choose which of his songs to post.


  1. I am Prine crazy. And, I’m sorry for your loss. Death pretty much sucks. John Prine really helped me through my stuff. Thank you for this.


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