The Bannister

IMG_0005It is the most defining element, I think, of this house. I have many memories of that bannister.

Of coming down those stairs in my prom dress (I went stag with 3 other girls who went stag) – and not because we had to, but we chose to. Defining moment in my life. I was telling those old girlfriends of mine who’d turned their back on me a thing or two about class. About how to hold your head up high and walk right into the fray because NO ONE tells you who YOU are. Only I have that privilege.

Down that bannister I road when I was young, stopping only once you got to the knell-post…and there was an art to being able to slow down enough so you didn’t bump your butt. I was a MASTER. It’s all in the thighs, and the fact I was small and agile.

Not so agile at three, however, when I went tumbling down those stairs and cracked my head open. I remember lying on the table in the hospital when they stitched me up. My Mom, I remember was amazed I remembered that. NO recollection of the tumble, just the stitching up part stayed in my mind.

This bannister has seen many hands of my ancestors down its smooth wood. An old family friend remembers when he was a kid the day that Mr.C (my Great Grandfather) died – as he said his Dad noted that he didn’t hear the dog chase the cat out the door, as my GGGrandfather followed the same routine every day. His hands came down that bannister every day, for close to 25 years.

I am thankful of that bannister. It reminds me to be thankful for what does remain, what is before you, what is here and now. Also, it’s a place to begin again from.

It was a walk down those stairs, with my hand on that bannister, I first traveled when I was 19 years old. I moved out and in with my girlfriend, I was grown up. LOL. My parents were NOT ready for my independence. They took it personally; I never intended it to be anything other than about me. Their feelings were just not as dominant as my desire to go out and live my life.

It reminds me, that bannister, of that girl I was back then. How it felt to fly free into this world with eyes wide open, and sure your bound to run into something worthwhile, cause I even back then had no idea what so ever where I was headed. All I knew is that it was located somewhere outside that door.

Now I’m back home and again going out that door – at some point. I am just as excited about beginning a new life, but I’m more seasoned and a little sad. So it’s good I have the Ol’bannister to remind me, and steady me when I need it.

3 thoughts on “The Bannister

  1. Yes, that tactile transition from one floor to another is important both mentally and physically :)


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