How To Make Your Mom Cry

The first time I heard Pachelbel’s Canon I was in some store. I know, really, isn’t that where everyone first heard it? I walked in the back door here at The Homestead, and I couldn’t hold it inside any longer. I had to play it for her. I had to. It was like finding a neat rock in the driveway, or whatever it is that you just GOT to show Mom. Or Mummy, or Mum, or Mamma. It was just one of those things.

And…she cried. Yup. Just like I did.

She looked at me…and mouthed “what is this”!!! I said….”I know” !!! She had tears running down her face. It is like all the most beautiful things you have ever seen or heard, collected all together in a piece of music.

Here is one version….


2 thoughts on “How To Make Your Mom Cry

  1. This is one of my favorites classical music. You mom has all the reasons to cry because the music can touch the core of our soul.


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