How To Get Lost

and footprints
make a trail of misty memories
on days and nights
across the abyss of longing
thru the arbour of lies
and sad eyes
up through
that scent of cedar
and wild flowers
in shadowed gardens
where rainbows and rain
wash away
captured sunbeams
and quiet days
live just past the acorns
where twin oaks
side by side
capture my heart
and i am lost
beside a spring
across the bridge
on a worn path
i walk
along the edge
of reason
i stumble thru
the grove of goodbyes
sheltering hope
and my fears are left
with anger
and death
in the swamp
of shameful truths
are placed aside
on asphalt and sidewalks
paving the way
towards the day
when I finally get away

Inspired by The Daily Prompt: The Zone

7 thoughts on “How To Get Lost

  1. I like these words, a lot. But I’m not a fan of the lack of punctuation. I think in this case it draws the reader away from what is being said.

    “across the abyss of longing
    thru the arbour of lies
    and sad eyes”

    I especially like these and the central section.



    1. Thank you Jim. The style choice sans-punctuation was chosen since I personally enjoy the free-flow, stream of consciousness style, and I’m also very attracted to the idea of not dictating to the reader the flow of the words. The idea of no rules, no walls, no time, is also an underlying theme; which is the most wonderful aspect of getting lost on a trail and losing your need for all that hems us in. :)


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