Its a Heritage Thing

Amidst all the mishaps the last few days, I can report on atleast one success – the banner and bookmarks I designed for the Heritage Book Project were finished yesterday … WOOT WOOT!!! And the banner looks AWESOME.

Everyone commented on the photo last night at our general meeting. We had the banner set up outside the door so they would see it as they walked towards the meeting room. It is a stunner.

There the three sisters stand, and true to form, the picture tells a story. HBP-BANNER-V-sml
The whole thing has this kind of flirtiness to it, almost sort a sexy, but in a classy sort of way.

Another thing people have commented on is how stylish their outfits were; even by today’s standards. I mean, Kate Middleton has worn something similiar to any of those outfits, just within the last year.

My Grandmother is the one in the centre, looking right at the camera, young and confident. I imagine it was my Grandfather that was the photographer, as the shots he took were always fantastic. If you look closely in behind to the right, look who’s looking out the window. That’s my Great Grandparents, the face you can see the clearest is Grandma’s Mom. A couple of people commented that they look like ghosts, so it gives the picture that essence of history looking out at you from the past. Imagine that photo about 2 feet wide and about the same high, on this 6 foot high vertical banner – matching bookmark handouts to accompany.

Will be setting up at the Canada Day celebrations here in town, so this weekend will be the grand launch of our new branding. So excited. So excited actually that in fact my plans for this weekend fell through, and dang-namit, I don’t know if I care so much. Be nice to see my creation set up for all to see.

Amidst all the people and live music, it will be interesting to see how it holds up … if people are drawn to it or not. Colours are certainly right on – Red & White, Canada’s colours. My goal was to try to make history cool. To give it a modern, yet classic look and feel. To show tradition can be fun, and to in turn bring people together.

So that was sort of cool to present my designs last night for the first time. I designed websites for almost a decade, but I never got that sort of kick out of creating those. Plus, I created the whole branding, right down to creating the logo itself. This project means alot to me. It gives me the opportunity to both keep my Grandmothers memory preserved and tell the story of our family, as well as helping to tell all the other family stories from this township, and that is so gratifying. It makes me feel proud.

Really have to sometimes grasp on tight to these minor victories. As victories in any arena of late have been few and far between, so feeling this sense of pride in my role in all this is a much-needed boost, and I feel blessed.

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