In case there was ANY doubt

Yes, indeed, cute as the wee frackers are, I do not particularly care for Guinea Pigs. It’s not their fault they don’t sell Guinea Pig food in corner stores. However, I quite awhile ago decided that any animal that requires nourishment not easily bought at a corner store, if in a pinch, is just not going to make it with this chick. And, of course realizing this last night, unfortunately for them it’s going to be a vegetarian diet of lettuce and carrots tonight as well. They made a bad decision to knock their food dish over on Monday night. Nice.

You know, we had Guinea Pigs when I was very young, and Mom spoke nothing but bad things about those noisy beasties, and you know I remember not being so concerned when they were found a different home. I was probably around 6 or 7 years old at the time.

I will give these buggers one thing, they are much quieter, and generally very well-natured. They are sweet.

However, it doesn’t help their cause that the local pet food store closes before I get home. AND, tonight even if it had been open there was NO way I had the energy. Good god, please make this week end.

Tonight the lass who was giving me a ride to work, well she quit. I can’t say I blame her, as she confessed to me she wasn’t particularly liking it that much. SO it was no shock, but a bit of a stress having to figure this out, AGAIN. Grrrr….man I swear. I am tired, ya know? I really thinking UNCLE. I give. I give.

Yeah, whatever, like hardly. But I really am so so so looking forward to when I’m not so reliant on others. It really sucks.

Yet, I do have wine. I’m not sure how I’m getting to work again in the morning, or how I’m getting back exactly yet. I’ve at some point got to still meet up with the landlord of the cute wee apartment…as we’ve been playing tag all week as well. Bless her heart, sideways and forward if I actually get this place. God, bring it on. AND…again, I do have wine. Blessed be wine.


  1. hutchagoodlife

    Guinea pigs make great pets. Obviously they aren’t for efurry hooman but they are pretty much the best parts of all pets. Like cuddles. Talk (squeak) to you. Sleep to your schedule. Don’t need walks. Can be left alone. Easy to clean up after. Cheap-ish to keep. What more could you want from a pet?!! ^_^

    Your piggies are very cute. What are their names?

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


    1. PaulaB

      ;-) well, my nieces love them…so that’s all that matters. And their names are Whiskey and Jinx. Both are named after pets my sister and I had growing up…Whiskey was a Siamese Cat, and Jinx was a Doberman.

      Whiskey is the one closest to the camera…and has alot a ‘tude…her sister is Jinx.


  2. prog4

    I always thought frackers were those guys who drill for gas using hydraulic fracturing. How many guinea pigs does it take to operate one of those rigs?


  3. georgefloreswrite

    I got a Guinea when I was little and named her Olga Da Polga after reading a book of the same name. It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Hope it all goes well with the apartment. Do you remember writing about the special piece of wood you found and discussing how to show it? I mentioned a wooden puzzle cage… Anyway, I thought of you because I found a pic of what I mentioned. Let me know if you need the picture reference.


    1. PaulaB

      Yes I do remember….not sure what I’m going to do with that piece now…I”m not sure I’ll have room for a log in my new abode.

      Staying after tonight in town and hoping to swing by a pet store and get the poor little squawkers some pellets. My feelings on the furry piggies are much the same…


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