On Prompts & Writing

As a new writer who’s now working full-time, if not for the Daily Prompt this space would be a ghost town. I’ve found it difficult lately to find something worthy of blogging about. Then, if I have something to post, finding the peace and quiet to actually write it can be a challenge.

Whether via the Daily Prompt or the Weekly Photo Challenge, I am very thankful for the inspiration.

It’s chaos sometimes here with the kids and dog and family, all drawing my attention away. I love them all dearly, but the constant loving chaos that surrounds the homestead can be a deterrent to collecting ones thoughts in such a way as to allow them to flow out my fingertips, through the keyboard and out into the blog-sphere. Even writing that sounds so ungrateful, and I want to stress that I am so very grateful for all that chaos. If not for my family, I would be a sad sack, living in some homeless shelter, crying myself to sleep every night alone.

So thank you Daily Prompt…and keep it up ;-)


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