Looking for Dimensions

“Look, I’ve got a bit of my paunch back”, I just said to the 2 dimensional representation of him, or us. Taken one night, in some far away land now. One thing I’ll say for Tim, he loved ALL of me. Warts and all. Big, small, toothless, and the rare bit of clueless, he loved all of those parts of me. I know this, by his actions.

Devil's may care

I find often I can not wear that four-score ring he gave me in his last days. I take it off now, but only for a while. It sometimes catches on things and spins around in my glove and drives me crazy….very much like Tim himself, actually. So, its a pleasure to occasionally be able to “take him off”.

Then again, I love that ring, and it reminds me of our four bohemian years together. I love the style of it, and the symbolism I see underlying the design. Four points, and 9 tiny diamonds, both potent to me. Three has always been MY number, and 3×3 is even more so.

I’m a symbolist by nature. I see portents in crows, and wind, and certain moons, at certain angles, when they are encircled with a hazy halo. I hit PLAY on my 30GB music list, and ask the “spirits of white light and goodness” a question. They don’t always answer, they are quite often deafeningly silent, but sometimes the music SPEAKS. I know, I know, but it’s true. I’m a little weird. But that’s ok.

Tim was weird too. I asked a mutual friend if she thought Tim was weird … and she’s “hell yeah, that’s why I LOVE him“. And never a truer statement been spoken of Tim.

At the Studio

I seek a community now of fellow beings who I would perhaps define as “weird”. I find myself compelled to be amongst people who are unafraid of being just exactly who they are. Layin’ it out there, come what may. Designing, crafting, singing, and maybe just scrapin’ by. Whatever.

And where doth the weird congregate in London? That’s the question.

{Featured Photo: AC DC live in Toronto @ the ACC (Air Canada Centre) 2008.}

Two weirdo’s _ February 9th, 2009

{well, four of them atleast, truth be told}
Two Guys

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