The Life and Times of Gustafus the Gargoyle

I’ve had Gustafus for probably close to 20 or more years now – he is one of my oldest Knick Knacks. Purchased back in my married days, for that old garden of mine.  He has seen many a winter, and he has become worn, and pockmarked with ruts, and new ridges have formed.

Gustafus Guards the Stoop

He has come to life though, in his fashioning of character, brought about by the wind, the rain, and the seasons. I am now forced to wonder if I should leave him his freedom, and risk his eventual demise, as he crumples outdoors to dust.

OR, do I bring him in, and save him from such an early fate? Decisions, decisions. I do sometimes like having him near, inside where I can see him. Though, he adds more life to my stoop – and I hate to not be greeted by him, right there at my front door.


I see though that he is indigenous to the outdoors, and I fear that taking him away from his native land will destroy the lovely spirit and character I have come to love in him. Oh, freedom casts its soul upon the winds of change, and so too must Gustafus. I will not act as the hand of God, and snatch him away from his fate.



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