A Poem – A

such savagery
upon that street.

the wars
the horrors
the weeping
the loss
and wasted beauty.
with content
it shreds
with letters not read
and lies to their soul.
will the lessons be learned.

due, far, far overdue
is the renaissance of shadows.
these streams of conscious
they awake a hunger for more.
More than a hundred forgotten faces,
and names with no places.
I deny, I deny, I deny.

far drawn
the world is an illusion,
of stuff I will ignore.
But no more.

On golden leashes
past Victorian dreams
and drawn away from the chaos,
seeking alone for the peace.

the cars, the bank, the news, the stink,
it all washes away with ideas.
with delicious desires
satisfied with my own power,
I dwell inside,
and grow.

beyond wishes
beyond coins
and upside down boys,
beyond Egyptians, or Russians.
beyond all the doom
and the gloom
and the lackadaisical world.
all a flutter with words,
and wishes
and uncommon riches.
obsessed with its tail,
spinning round their own excrement.

I dwell

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