Duck, Duck, Goose

Out and about downtown yesterday. Popped into the Dollarama for a spray bottle (for my lavender water face spritz – good for oily skin and inducing happiness) and a little watering can – $2.50. My purchases made me very happy. Also went hunting for a case for my eReader, but no luck in that corner. So, after walking around downtown, I swung up Richmond and over to the river – right at Blackfriars Bridge, and strolled on by the river for most of the way home.


Little rain, but all and all a superb day.

The next task on the agenda before this superdelicious day could continue, is to FINALLY go to the bank and cash this tax credit cheque I was saving (for a rainy day), AND to see if I could transfer money to my chequeing from my savings. UGH. Hate this sort of shite.

Tim is on this account, and because of that I can’t transfer online, or thru a ATM. HAH, however I learned today I can transfer if I go in. I don’t need a death certificate. OMG…that is SO wonderful. Now I know that if I need to I’m covered. I have autotranferred $20 out of my account every Friday to my savings for the last 5 months. I don’t miss it, and it means I have accumulated a bit of a savings to fall back on when required. BUT, the caveat is that I have to go to the bank to do it. That makes it very inconvenient, so even better.

My reward was a nice leisurely stroll home, on this grey overcast day. Lovely light for pictures though, and so I couldn’t resist the Mallard gathering along the river bank.






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