Wandering the Wilds of London

After spending some quality time with a broom and mop, we ventured out. Her on the pink cotton leash, me in my ugly hiking sandals.

With no particular direction in mind, I turned left, or right, purely by accident, or design. Left, right, left, right we wandered the city streets and pathways of Downtown London.

We found little neighbourhoods tucked away in secret places, and worn familiar ones alike. I’m getting re-acquainted with my old stomping grounds. I missed these old sidewalks, delightful gardens, and trails that criss-cross throughout the downtown core.

And, the river Thames that runs throughout. Not the famous one, no, but none the less designated now a Heritage River, and I can see the change. The ecosystem along its banks fosters hope of things to come.

Perhaps some of that will rub off on me.









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