Tis A Sorrel Lot

The last couple years I was living at the lake, I found three four-leaf clovers – Magic Is Alive At The Lake.

With each of them, I just remember looking down, and there it was. It always happens the same way. It’s like it stands right out all of asudden.

I’m always on the look-out, but not a one since.

So, whilst out admiring the way the late afternoon light dapples my secret garden…and what do my wandering eyes behold? Nope, not a four-leaf clover, no, this is almost better.


SOMEHOW, the burgundy Shamrock plant managed to somehow plant itself in my garden. I must say, it does have good taste too…it’s in a lovely spot…nestled in under the drooping fronds of the fern, beside the tri-colour Ajuga and Jacob’s Ladder. It really does make for a lovely little hidden vignette.

Now, you and I both know plants can’t just walk across the dirt and go “oh, here’s a great spot to hole up for a while“. No…but somehow it happened.

Bizarrely, right this morning I decided to move the plant itself into that little garden.

Magic? In a way, yes. The random sort of magic though. I must have thrown a leaf and stem away, and unbeknownst to me, a little bulblet was attached. With all the rain we’ve had the last few days, it somehow planted itself. The little dear is hardy to this zone, AND…it’s amongst relatives. It will add a lovely little detail to what this little garden is becoming.

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