Trails of Transformation

It stands on the edge of an area of London residents unlovingly once nicknamed “manure park”.

This little pocket of paradise is a shining example of what can happen when people get together to turn things around.

Euston Park is located in the ‘middle’ of the Coves Subwatershed. The 11-hectare site is a former municipal landfill and now exists as open space. Historical evidence indicates that wetland features existed along the west side of the park, adjacent to the current ESA boundary. An aggregate operation dominated the land use throughout the central portion of the park and was surrounded by agriculture.
In the early 1960’s the aggregate pit was converted into a landfill that operated for approximately until 1971. The waste deposited at this landfill was primarily municipal (residential) however, it is believed that with some industrial waste may have been deposited as well. The landfill was topped with a clay cap, approximately 1m thick, in 1972.


Meadows, woodland and a little stream now welcome both dog and human. Tis a lovely spot to explore. With dedication and care this once “dump” lands has been transformed into something wild and wonderful.










4 thoughts on “Trails of Transformation

    1. it’s so wonderful to come back to my hometown, over a decade later, and see some of these places I once loved even more beautiful then when I saw them last back in 2001. So often it seems in the past these places have been destroyed, landscaped, built upon. But to see butterfly’s, dragon and damselflies, and diverse birds and plants…it’s a blessing. I think people may finally be GETTING it…snooze and ya loose it.


    1. It’s one of those wonderful spots that just seems to always make you smile…where deep down under your feet you know all these plants are creating magic, and like a large natural lung, they are filtering all the toxins out of the ground, the air, and bringing back some magic. ;-)


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