Euston Park

Euston’s Bones

Maybe call these the B side, the photos that didn’t make it into my last post on Euston Meadow. These are from March 25th of this year, and incidentally, I think the last spring-like day we’ve had so far, as it would seem as though Mother Nature is not feeling very “spring-like” yet. So today […]


Playing With Accidents

This weeks WPC :: experimental inspired me. camera: NIKON D3400 EFFECT :: Photo Illustrator I was out photographing Euston the other day and snow had got on the lens so I, with one hand holding the dog on the leash, balanced everything in my canvas messenger bag whilst changing out the lens. I’d had my […]


an idyll for Euston

my breath you steal upon cresting the hill and down i go that well-trodden way past the asters and chickory towards the woods again we go. Definition of idyll 1 a :a simple descriptive work in poetry or prose that deals with rustic life or pastoral scenes or suggests a mood of peace and contentment […]