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A 15th Too: The Man, The Guilty, And Euston

Now, a couple tidbits that living with a narcissist taught me is first off, that any attention for them is good attention, they’ll take it all, any which way and Sunday sideways. Two, there can be only one, numero UNO, and that is their higher purpose to all else, contrary to whatever they say or bribe you with. And so here are some of those demons I mentioned, as this unposted post is a prime example, and not too surprised that Manafort has re-emerged over a month later accused of lying to the Special Counsel and thus breaking the rules of his plea agreement. Shocking! A liar lying? Unheard of.

With Sessions out and Whittaker in, the whispers have begun behind the curtain to feed all the rumpTus desires, as he so aspires to know, like the good little malignant narcissist he is,  having his very own patsy pawn, he can angrily tweet away hinting all his secret stuff, he’s in the club, watching all his little crooks and liar friends go down, all the while yellin’ ‘no collusion, no collusion’. Riiiight.

 Yeah, dude, that ship sailed, it’s a “conspiracy” now, try to keep up. But I doubt he cares, he just goes for the inside scoop, so he’s kinda easy to dupe. 

I have to wonder, seriously wonder, what exactly he expects to happen due to this insider/outsider Manafort maneuver, as this probe has gone too far for anyone to just sweep it away, lots of people know too much as one by one almost all the players from the campaign are being indicted, boom, boom, boom, and disparate pieces of the puzzle publically fall into place, of oligarchs wrapped up with this guy or that, bank records, emails, flippers are flipping, I do believe the jig is up, and so we wait. We wait for them newly minted Dems, and all the old gang, for the next Congress to sit, for mercury to go retrograde and the stars to align, who knows. Hopefully, the balance is put right and that one-party horse reined back from the brink, ol’rumpTus stinks. 

mMoooohAaaaaa { maniacal laughter }

From September 15th, 2018

To hear Guiliani and co talk, one would think this whole thing really does have nothing to do with the prez. So, chew on this;

Robert Mueller’s indictment of the fallen lobbyist is a masterful portrait of a craven man and his methods. But the chronology contained in the document filed this morning takes us right up to the eve of Manafort joining the Trump campaign, and then leaves the reader bursting with curiosity about what comes next. While Mueller has tied up all sorts of narratives about Manafort’s strange career in Ukraine, so many strands of the Manafort story remain maddeningly untidy.
[ The Atlantic ]

Right up to the eve of, right up to. Now, so to get this straight, they want us to believe that the guy did all this stuff, from 2006 until 2018, if we include the last count of witness tampering, and so Manafort didn’t pull any of these tricks out of his bag for the rumpTus? Seriously, that’s basically what they are saying, in a nutshell. That all the influence peddling he did for Ukraine (the foreign parties in the 1st count of conspiracy against the United States), his association with a Russian intelligence official, and the whole Russian interests in Ukraine, all that just sort of stopped cold when he jumped on the rumpTus train? Kind of stretches the line of credibility, just a smidge.

At the very beginning of his time working in Ukraine in 2003, Paul Manafort was in the employ of one Russia’s richest men, an aluminum magnate named Oleg Deripaska. We lazily describe many Russian oligarchs as residing in Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. But in the case of Deripaska, that closeness is a documented fact.

{ … }

Manafort finally reached out to Deripaska, just after he joined Donald Trump’s campaign. In emails obtained by The Atlantic that Paul Manafort traded with an aide, Manafort proposed giving Deripaska special access to the campaign, with the apparent hope of making his debts disappear.
[ IBID ]

Yes, and as the bowels of mitigated BS turns, and I could go on and on, but, pft, that cookie will crumble as it will, as nothing I say can change nor re-arrange the world to my will, just preaching to the choir. Though a little knowledge never hurt anyone, though one would think so in the Trump world.

So, by this unposted post point that circus down yonder south was getting tiresome, though not my disdain, and even though I have nary an unposted political post, as this one stands alone, I see the tide was turning, as was my stomach, midterm anxiety, perhaps. Anywho, here are some more unposted pics from September 15th, 2018

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