Trump Corruption

Just So Ya Know

Back in the fall of 2012 in those first days after Tim had died, in those last days living in that land of Grey (county), just Irish and I, this blog actually kept me sane. Over the long winter months waiting for when my brother-in-law was coming to get me and take me back home, […]


A Greedy Immoral Leader Is Not OK

One of the lessons I’ve learned over the last couple years watching everything unfold down yonder south of the 49th is that when this particular administration has a win and then quickly shifts (almost took the F out) the narrative, you always gotta look around at what exactly it is they don’t want you to […]


Dirty Deeds In My Feeds

So it would seem that the chips are beginning to fall, the prosecution is gradually closing in, with the southern district of New York chiming in, and Mueller too, of hush money payments before an election and lawyers taking the fall (Cohen), of hiding and lying about it (Manafort),  rag publishers granted immunity to spew, […]