A Greedy Immoral Leader Is Not OK

One of the lessons I’ve learned over the last couple years watching everything unfold down yonder south of the 49th is that when this particular administration has a win and then quickly shifts (almost took the F out) the narrative, you always gotta look around at what exactly it is they don’t want you to look too closely at; least he is consistent.

The Mueller Report, contrary to the GOP spin cycle, does not exonerate the president. As many have said, if it did you would be tripping over copies on the street, and every American would find one in the mailbox, with signed copies pulling in big big cash.

Rather, suspicious that after such a win that rumpTus would decide to ramp up the affordable care act debate and threaten more than 20 million Americans with possibly having no healthcare. Suspicious that they would announce they are cutting funding for the Special Olympics and cuts to other programs for such things as Autism etc, and I’m not sure I understand the strategy in this but is this just the actions of a man emboldened by this supposed exoneration that he believes he can now freely advance every evil plan his coven of greed and corruption desire?

Independence used to be, and still for many in the U.S., defined what American’s were, what they believed, what they aspired towards, so with that in mind it seems strange that so many would accept their leader bowing to the policies of another to define the United States foreign policy.

Instead, the weak, the tired, fleeing from their violent homeland are mocked and locked in cages under bridges? That Lady in New York City harbour symbolizes an ideal that seems to be slowly fading from the land of my birth.

I mean, that man in the White House, as Congressman Schiff passionately reminded his GOP colleagues, let Russia interfere, knew full well that they were interfering, gave polling data to, encouraged to smear his opponent, offered to create a back channel for, and this is OK? Once elected this same man has often chosen to bow to the policies in favour of Russian interests, overturned tariffs for Oligarchy friends of Putin, as a you scratched my back I’ll scratch yours sort of way, and this is now OK?

Call me confused, but some deciding to accept the Barr summary as a decisive conclusion to Mueller’s 22 month investigation appears highly disingenuous and begs the question of why?

Could it be this summary lets them off the hook? Could it be, well in some alternate universe, but could it really be that this 300+ report basically says that this POTUS is a great guy and all this nonsense was merely the action of sore losers? I highly doubt Mueller would waste 300+ pages on a glowing endorsement of the man who sits in the White House, deciding that it is OK for a candidate for President to allow a foreign foe to fiddle with the election and then lie about it? But, Schiff said it better.

No, it is not OK, the man is completely corrupt, corrupts everything he touches, greed and unethical practices are his bread and butter, and he has run his companies, his projects, his scams, his misinformation campaigns, practically everything he interacts with he must win at any cost, must always appear as the best, the greatest, the most, and you really have to wonder why? And why is this OK?

Why has this been OK for almost 4 decades, as recently documents were released via a FOIA request that shows the FBI has been investigating him for years and years. He has been fined and had projects shutdown, sued god knows how many times, NDA’s up the ying yang, and that’s all OK?

I mean, this isn’t just tawdry sex scandals or corrupt real estate ventures, or just using the Trump Foundation charity as a slush fund, oh, all that and a bag of chips, but one thing after another over the course of decades is OK? To have so many of his people indicted, in jail, I’ve lost count at whom all did what, when, how and how much jail time they’re getting, I think 6 so far and just half-way through his first term? Nixon got at least into his second term before he had his record-breaking 12 for Watergate, and Clinton managed to get 3 of his cronies locked up.

I seriously wonder how any patriotic American can think any of this is OK.

Unpatriotic, unethical, immoral, amoral, and all that is now OK for an American president? That’s the standard? Win at all cost?

Hope I’m right and that polling data is right and a good and healthy chunk of the American public do not think this is OK and get rid of his corrupt arse in 2020 – cause it ain’t OK. Was Never OK, never will be OK, and the day it is OK most definitely will be “the day America lost its way“.

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