What Is More Attractive Than A Conspiracy To Distract You From Your Crappy Life?

You know those moments in time, after reading an article in the paper, or watching a news clip, convo with a friend, the moment you learn something and your absolute first thought is what the f#%k!!! Where have I been??

So, yeah, just had one of those, concerning QAnon, you know that strange group of conspiracy nut jobs that believe there is some huge cabal, a deep state {said in a baritone voice}. Yeah, so, did you know they… holy @DevinCow… do you know what these whack jobs believe? Seriously, eating babies and children, um, that Hilary Clinton eats babies and children, I friggin’ kid you not. Just watching Katy Tur on MSNBC sitting in for O’Donnell, and they were reporting on the number of t-shirts and insignia from that group in line at the rumpTus Michigan rally.

So, lets just say that whilst some who are loyal boners to the rumpTus are dyed in the wool conservatives hankering back to Medieval times or the white nationalist fear-monger racists, there are those who, well, are just, gullible ignoramus nutters with waaayyy too much time on their hands.

Now to be fair, there are just as many on the far-left as the far-right that need to get outa the house more, when one topic consumes you day after day and influences every aspect of your life, and unless someone is paying you for it, you need to back up from the conspiracy and give your head a shake. [fyi: the paying you part was a joke]

Truthfully, all of us can for a time get sucked in to one thing or another, but most of us pull-out and realize our obsessive occupation with something there is absolutely no proof for is dangerous, prevents us from occupying reality, or truth, pick your cure, and generally indicates there is some other aspect of your life you are trying to avoid.

Speaking of nutjobs, another conspiracy making the rounds on the left, and one I admit to entertaining, is that Barr is just a rumpTus toady, and nothing he says can be taken as gospel.

Now, as much as Barr may in fact be overstepping his job description by ‘summarizing’ the Mueller Report, I would imagine the commander of chaos having you on speed dial must kind of suck and make your lofty and noble job title akin to walking thru landmines at times, I do believe that the man is qualified for his role and is not just undermining the report, because there is no evidence. Full stop. None.

This salient detail could get missed if one gorges solely on far-left leaning news media, as I have a tendency to do.

To be fair, I am allergic to far-right media, such as fox or breitbart, as their kin make me want to vomit. I do strive for balance though, and so instead watch Brooks and Shields on PBS, and follow other more conservative journalists, such as Canadian David Frum, just to make sure I get a balanced perspective.

What the facts might be, well right now are contained within a report squirreled away in a vault within AG Barr’s office, but what we can say if Mueller found no chargeable collusion/conspiracy from the rumpTus campaign, if the dude ain’t an agent he certainly was a stooge of a foreign power(s).

The reality is that there are far fitter fish to fry when it comes to rumpTus.

Tantalizing as the Tom Clancy-esque Russiangate conspiracy story line may be, the down and dirty facts are that AS president the man is patently unfit for the office he holds.

Again and again we have seen a man who has damaged diplomatic relations with close allies, rambled incoherently on live TV all over the world, made so many false and misleading statements that personally every time he opens his mouth I just assume he’s lying, doesn’t read briefings and aides have had to make little graphics and keep saying MR PRESIDENT in order to keep his limited attention span on the facts at hand.

His deep insecurities I believe often fuel his lies, his misleading statements, yet the real conspiracy with this man in regards Russia is less political and far more financial.

When the clock struck midnight 2000 the multiple bankrupt rumpTus had messed up so many times no bank would touch him, with newly minted Russian Oligarchs anxious to get into the American real estate market, and whatta ya know, Trump had a name he could plaster over everything they built – as Don Jr said in 2008; “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets . . . We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.

So suppose one can say that any collusion during the campaign was more about pandering to Putin for potential financial and not political gain.

Simply put, the guys corrupt, but he’s not necessarily stupid, or at the very least he knows smart people smart enough to recognize that the Russians were fully equipped to meddle in the election without them dropping a dime. Some have suggested that much of his Russian lingo and pet policies that align with Russian interests are about fanning the flames of financial gain, and not so much collusion – with a nodding thank you for the free ride right into the White House.

To concentrate too heavily on the Russian angle though is dangerous, and deflects from the real and present danger this man represents. Maybe we can go so far as to state that the whole Russiagate story overshadows all the sneaky stuff the guy has done over the years, and that while the FBI was busy off chasing conspiracies they were deflected from investigating the real corruption that lays at the heart of Trump Org.

However, looked at another way, one could also say that the heavy media surrounding Russiangate has in turn in truth left the investigators alone to quietly do their jobs in peace without all the hoopla that the Mueller investigation has received. Running alongside and swerving in and out of that investigation has been counterintelligence investigations, and others that have been spun off from that initial investigation.

You know how it is, once you start turning over Stones, a Manafort or Cohen pops out.

At its heart I guess a conspiracy is really fantasy wrapped up in an enigma seasoned with a few salty facts, yet reality and the truth unfortunately rarely ever tidy up so cleanly.

Which is probably good advice to keep in mind over the next weeks and months as the political spin cycle this dude creates goes into overdrive.

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