Playing For The Cheap Seats, And Other Skulduggery

So a couple dozen or so republicans yesterday stormed the gates of the SCIF in another attempt to make sure the base knows they are just as delusional as the most ignorant MAGA. This little stunt though I guess was more for the presidents viewing pleasure than for the base, the point ultimately was the optics. Considering these guys are actually supposed to know the rules, it does sort of defy logic. If, of course, logic had anything to do with it, which it doesn’t.

As reported by Fox News later in the evening, they actually asked to be arrested. Yes, they wanted a little spectacle they could parade all over the right wing news outlets on how evil and nefarious the impeachment inquiry is.

If you happen to be speaking to any MAGAs, maybe ask them what article of the constitution the inquiry is breaking, maybe then they may actually read the constitution.

The answer, is they are not breaking any.

Fact is, if they wanted to hold the inquiry in the nearest Taco Bell washroom whilst the chairman of the committee is on the john taking a big stinky crap, not a thing would they be doing wrong.

Well, it would be wrong on many levels, but it would not break any articles of the constitution as it applies to an impeachment inquiry.

Also, some GOP storming the gates were actually on the committee, so there’s that. This was all for show, for the distraction and for the pleasure of their sick and twisted dear leader whose actions have forced them to become his delusional sycophants.

As more and more of these testimonies go forward, as more and more witnesses are questioned, as more and more of the details of who knew what and when they knew it, we should expect to see more of these types of antics. Thing is, they know he’s guilty, but the GOP who are loyal to him don’t really care. At this point the reality is their only defence is to attack the inquiry itself, just exactly the same as they did the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Questioning witnesses in closed door hearings is how one does it when you are preventing them from coordinating their testimony, right? Once the facts have been gathered, testimony, documents, after all that, the public hearings will take place. The GOP knows all that.

And god help us all once the public hearings begin, perhaps we’ll be blessed with the GOP heads spinning around on their necks like they’re possessed whilst dancing a jig on C-SPAN in their underpants.

The ONLY option they have is to attack the inquiry, make a show, spin the narrative, fog the facts up with fiction.

These guys are not dumb, they all know dang well that Trump is going to be impeached.

They also know the public will get all the sorted details in time, but in the meantime if they can snow the average Jo who doesn’t know any better? All the better, cause an ignorant American is easy prey. All they want to hear is that good ol’refrain…”oh, I don’t know who did what, too much chaos”. The facts get buried in an avalanche of BS and this clown show they are orchestrating does its job. Period.

Now, on the same day the GOP were storming the secure room where Laura Coopers testimony was taking place (SCIF), for your listening pleasure via C-SPAN, you could be entertained by the presidents lawyers in court arguing that he could take a gun and murder people and even the cops couldn’t stop him.

Now, if THAT doesn’t give ya a warm and fuzzy, I don’t know what would.

Seriously twisted, seriously. They are arguing he has complete immunity from investigation, prosecution, everything, basically their argument is that the president can not be touched until he leaves office. This amazing argument took place yesterday (October 23rd) in the U.S. Court of Appeals hearing over whether the Manhattan district attorney could successfully subpoena Trump’s personal and business tax returns.

Of course, Trump’s lawyers also like to point out that Vice President Pence on the other hand has no such immunity.

Which begs the question, why do you think that little nugget keeps cropping up? Maybe a threat, somewhat veiled, for the GOP sycophants to mull over if they decide they do not wanna play ball? Eh, basically threaten that they’ll take out Pence so that if the Senate decides to remove Trump… next runner-up for the job of president? PELOSI.

You know, I’m old enough to remember when the president of the United States didn’t act like a friggin mob boss.

How low can they go? Sort of sad that the dude running the show in the U.S. is so bloody corrupt that the only defence his loyalists have is skulduggery.

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