We Believe What We Have To Believe To Maintain The Illusion, No Collusion

In the beginning, during the campaign, the voters who favoured Trump were said to be attracted to him because he said it like it is, was outside the Washington BS they had come to know and loath, and of course Democrats could not be trusted anyways – the GOP has spent almost 2 decades fostering that hatred and fear. They, as in the minions, the MAGAs, said he would bring the establishment, the elitists who’d fed their own coffers and ignored the heart, the mid westerners and southerners, in favour of the highfalutin coast, of the east and the west, would bring them to their knees, finally.

I guess I’m therefore a little confused, cause Trump is elite, he’s rich, he is the emperor of cronyism, he is surrounded by other super-rich elites, he is exactly what they said they didn’t want – hence the confusion. And I mean, when has this 45th told the truth? About anything? When have any of his family been honest? And what is their motivation? Does anyone actually believe they are serving the needs of Americans and not just themselves?

It just seems like one excuse after another to explain away the corrupt man who now sits in the highest chair in the United States.

And, when they don’t get what they want, what does a Trump do? Well, they lie. Lie, lie, lie. Not that ONE thing is enough to lie about, no no, now it’s fairly well-established that they just lie like you and I say hi, how ya doin’.

One Trump loyalist lackey came out and said it’s not important that they lie about Russia, because they lie about everything, so what does it matter they lie about Russia?

Point taken. That they lie about everything is most correct, but one lie that everyone seems to share, all of those in some way connected to the election campaign that is, is they all lie about Russia and anything that may in some way connect Trump to Russia.

Whatever, the reality is, the average Trumpian is so entrenched in the Fox sphere that, personally, I don’t think they really completely believe their dear leader is as bad as the Liberal media asserts, not half as bad as they make him out to be. Really, I don’t think they believe it. They have been so completely snowed in by the confusing mess of messages that, frankly, I really don’t believe they believe.

I mean, all the messages I heard during the campaign had to do with straight shooter, a say it like it is candidate, a savvy businessman, an accomplished negotiator, a strong leader, from outside the beltway, not a swamp feeder politician like Hillary and all the rest, you know, he was supposed to be different from all the others.

And as one by one, the media knocks down each one of those fallacies, his base is just not interested in any of it.

Why? I don’t think it’s to do with truth, or lack of truth, or lies or Russian ties, but rather in, well, shame.

I don’t think they can bring themselves to actually admit that they were so very, very wrong. Not all, but I believe there is a very large chunk who have just decided to refuse to believe anything bad and see it all as some conspiracy cocked-up by those most elite libtards they have been so thoroughly trained to hate and not trust.

I really don’t think it is anymore complicated.

And the majority of the GOP that protect Trump know this, and it is this ignorance they prey on, devising excuses to fit the narrative – like that Trump didn’t know, for instance, about the hush money payments until afterwards – that Cohen did it all on his own.

For some reason, they don’t think that being an unindicted felon, that lying and cheating on your taxes, or coning a bank into giving you money, or the dozens of investigations into every aspect of Trump org and Co is nothin’ more than a witch hunt. I mean, I believe they completely and utterly believe that.

Why? Because to believe otherwise would be a very difficult pill to swallow.

I mean, most of us have been there. When the writing is clearly on the wall, where we can see the eyes of our families, our friends, we can see the pain of knowing what we can not admit to, they cringe and turn away from us. You know, we are locked into our head, our stubborn point of view, of refusing to see what is clear and true, because to do so would mean something we are too scared to do – like leave, or walk away, or admit that we were wrong – so we believe because we have to believe in order to maintain our status quo.

He didn’t mean to”, “oh, well he’s sorry“, or whatever excuse we need to justify our stubborn stance, our imprisonment to ideas and people that need us far, far more, in reality, than we need them – but we just can not see that.

Take it from one who knows, I’ve been there and spent 4 years of my life in that place. Heck, who am I kidding, even to some degree, way back in the stone age, my marriage was basically a matter of keeping the status quo out of fear of the alternative – which is of course what I ended up with, and which was not at all as bad as I had thought. It never is.

Honestly, I really don’t know what it will take to shake those who follow this corrupt man, who make excuses for him, who see him as this savour of sorts. For me, well, I had to learn that lesson a couple times before I got the courage, to accept what I had known all along, but had just chosen to ignore.

Maybe they never will, as many who have been trapped by these malignant narcissists whims never do escape the trap, the prison these types of people put them in – because it is hard, and because they don’t see the bars of the cage, they refuse to see their own imprisonment because to do so means they would have to see the illusion they created surrounding the person, their jailer.

The reality is though, his loyalists may not be interested in the rule of law, may not be interested in whether Trump is a con artist and felon, but the Justice Department really doesn’t care what they believe – the law is the law and NO ONE should be above it. Period.

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