The 19th Draft: Before And After Rose

For the longest time, I felt as though there was something I was missing or was missing in me, something, I was looking for in every eye, every guy, every word, as if, this person really, would be the one I’m seeking and the hollowness inside would disappear.  Geesh, should have known it was a […]


And The 23rd: In Winter I Go Whacky

She was never tame, never domestic, strong-willed, soundly made, and skeptical, having spent the first decade or so of her life on the streets of Old East London, the trendy “rough” part of the downtown core. Started hanging around D3’s girlfriend’s house, and eventually having gained her trust they took her in, had her fixed, […]


back to the coves

off on a dog walk the air was crisp, the sky blue,and the sun appeared Bit of a break from the unposted posts and a nice long walk at The Coves beckoned after the last few snowy gray days. This area is called the coves as it was once a branch of the Thames River, cut […]