the best things in life are free -

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Down the sidewalks of the village, left and then a right, and left, wait for the light and then we cross the busy road. Almost there, almost. We pass the daycare, and ahead I can see the green.

Well, with a dog it’s never that straightforward. Of course, she must sniff every single upright structure for the ‘news’ of who’s been there before her, inspect the telephone pole to see if there is any of that grass she loves, and so we stop so she can have a nibble, and stop again, and again, and once more, and oh, just this one too, and this one deserves a much longer sniff.

I’m eager to be there, yet she has no idea yet where we’re going, so I let her have her sniffs and nibbles and I practice patience.

Finally, the green stretches before us, and we are almost there, almost, I can see it in the distance.

Euston Forest - London, Ontario, Canada -

As I entered the little glade, this enchanted woods, at my feet I saw this piece of paper lying on the ground.

Don’t worry about money.
The best things in life are free

It’s been a tough winter, money has been tight, and at the end of it, I lost a good friend. Not to death, but bad fortune, and no work, so the spirits are telling me not to worry, I’ve come to the right spot.

This is my temenos. All woods, large or small, are my ‘temenos’.

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