And The Ghost Of Robert Jackson Appears Stage Left

As ‘we the people’ are split apart with a well-placed wedge stuck in a crack in a log, and deftly knocked, splitting down the centre, as he settles his generous white butt into that house of white down yonder in the land of my birth. Which, by the way, is why I care, and, well, and my Dad’s Dad’s family are news junkies, so it’s probably a genetic thing or something like that.

Now, to say that what we see today in politics is unprecedented would be inaccurate, to say the least. Also, one does not get into politics to become richer, well, in a way, but often more in a bid to gain power, stature, to become a class above the fray, to gain entrance into the Land of the Elites.

Politics has always been a clever game of words played between adversaries, toying with voters minds, manipulating facts and figures to suit the end game, as if they’re jumping up and down yelling pick me, pick me.

There are many who still wish to serve, and make the world around them a better place, though often those lofty goals get diddled away, through the slight stink of corruptions, internal wranglings mired in personal or political meanderings, pandering, and the like, a path easier denounced than travelled, to be sure.

“Men are more often bribed by their loyalties and ambitions than by money.”
Robert H. Jackson

Yet, sometimes a “good man” appears above the crowd, as he drawls out a quote from long ago, and far away.

Trump, of course, is not that man, falling somewhere outside that spectrum, as he goes smashing his crass butt through all that political clap-trap, correct this, or dignified that, PFT says he, bashing off in whatever direction serves his chaos du jour, and I doubt could quote even Doctor Seuss.

On the same diet as the lowest common denominator, he consumes the same high-fat, sugar, fake food. Misspelled words, outright lies, people’s names said wrong, formulating the down-home candidate that for eons has focused their blank staring eyes towards those for which complex thinking is a foreign language, and seeing easy prey (cause they don’t read either), he pounces on the weak, the marginalized, and then farts out some twitter garbage towards an adversary that refused to pledge allegiance to his throne.

Anywho, which constitutes my thoughts this morning as I pursue the news vids published overnight. I seriously shake my head as I watch this vid from that source, this from another, with the occasional offside report that goes against everything I believe, just to be aware of what the other side actually thinks, for balance.

Or, at least I try. I do. If only to try to understand what appeal this man has, and to discern what alternate universe the mindset of his followers live.

I think the political spectrum has never been so wide in my 50 odd years of life. Almost every time I am startled by that divide, as it gets wider and wider.

Having an American father, whilst growing up in Canada, gives me I guess a unique perspective. And now Ontario has its own alt-right candidate, of course. Ford-nation is what they call themselves. {shudder}

Must keep up with The Jones, don’t you know.

Ontario is always the first province to ape the U.S., well than Alberta, generally. We go all New Englander, and they tend to like to wear that mid-west, down-home ur M A R E ican hat.

To wit, to woo, the alt-right is coming to a country near you.

The frumpsters lawyer had 16 phones, I guess, which they found when he was raided by the FBI. Who has that many phones? Well, em, a drug dealer, a con man, a shifter, a grifter, a shyster. My, my, a Prez whose own lawyer is raided by the FBI. Smells familiar. Altogether, say W A T E R G A T E… but with a memey drawl.

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.”

As he fumbles his way through the once mighty corridors of American governance, I shudder to think of the priceless artifacts that man has probably broken in his late-night travails through those hallowed halls of power for a diet coke and bologna sandwich.

Oh, and did you know that he actually puts ketchup on his steak? I think you should be banned from higher office, or any promotion at all, if you put ketchup on a steak.

Biased much? Well, maybe a smidge. But, you know, I’m a high and mighty snowflake.

Now, here I am, comfortably ensconced in the land of my mothers birth, watching this tragedy of errors unfold, wondering all the while…to what end?

Who benefits from a weakened, demonized, divided United States of America?

Oligarchs. Of the Russian kind.

Do the Russian people love their children too?

Now THAT is the question.

To be honest, I’ve always enjoyed political dramas, well, the fiction and the real, but this has become a bit too much REALITY, least for me that has never watched his show, sitting here in my chair, night after night, awaiting the commercial break, the end credits, the final curtain.

For I do wonder if the general wingnut who still supports this guy realizes that in the future when they’re grandchildren are barely making ends meet that they have their gilded leader to thank for their tariffs on practically everything they buy at the Wally-mart.

But, some are still drinkin’ the Koolaid, made with water tainted by the rotting corpses of the BEST people and other toxic waste the big giant corps have been sanctioned to dump into their precious watersheds.

Then, when all the hubbub burbles over some Giuliani misquote, lie, or whatever the heck frumpusous’ pet litigator spewed, quietly walks Mr. Super Dry, who will not violate his oath – the sort I thought were extinct within that inner beltway.

As Maddow quipped about Rosenstein last night < click for vid;

a straight arrow, the kind of guy who parts his hair with a water pik”.

And, like he’s decided to go all “Eastwood” on those who would Impeach him for not handing over docs from an ongoing investigation, he is saying GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY, then quotes these historic words of his judicial hero, a man who served as Roosevelt’s Attorney General just before WWII, Robert H. Jackson.

This guy just might be the very reason he is standing where he is today, whether he likes it there or not, into the public eye he has been thrown. As the once invisible Deputy Attorney General of the Department Of Justice, the position that would normally go completely under the radar, but today whose name is a household one, startling even him I imagine.

And with this now pronounced ur M A R E i can drawl, that to this point had been somewhat absent, he says;

Jackson explained that declining to open the FBI’s files to review by congressional members and staff is an “unpleasant duty,” but it is in keeping with the separation of powers embodied in our constitutional system. To illustrate his point, Jackson quoted a Supreme Court opinion explaining that it is “essential to the successful working of this system that the persons entrusted with power in any one of these branches shall not be permitted to encroach upon the powers confided to others, but that each shall by the law of its creation be limited to the exercise of the powers appropriate to its own department.”

And he continues;

Our Bill of Rights, containing the first ten amendments, is often regarded as the pride of American government. But the Constitution originally had no Bill of Rights. The issue was considered during the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, but the Constitution was ratified without it.

The Framers were more concerned about our government’s structure than a written guarantee of rights because a written guarantee is only as powerful as the system in place to protect it. Our constitutional structure and the separation of powers embodied in that structure represents our government’s defining feature.

The Founders dispersed power both horizontally and vertically. The three branches of the federal government check one another. The states and the federal government check one another. And the people check both the federal and the state governments.

Separation of powers can be frustrating. Prosecutors are sometimes disappointed when the judicial branch acquits someone it thought was guilty of a crime. But that is part of the genius of our system. Prosecutors collect evidence and decide whether it establishes a crime that warrants prosecution. We do not determine guilt.
Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein Delivers Remarks at the Bar Association of Montgomery County’s Law Day Celebration – Rockville, MD ~ Friday, May 4, 2018

So, guess the Department Of Justice will not be handing over documents from an ongoing investigation, so there. {sticks out tongue}

Em. I think I have a new hero.

“The qualities of a good prosecutor are as elusive and as impossible to define as those which mark a gentleman. And those who need to be told would not understand it anyway.”
Robert H. Jackson

2 thoughts on “And The Ghost Of Robert Jackson Appears Stage Left

    1. I know, it does sadden me to think of the damage his crass and greedy actions will have. But let’s just hope that some of those in Washington will grow a set.


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