A Long Walk To Euston

Just noticed recently, she has white whiskers on her chin. Catch her in the right light, at the right angle, like this morn at dawn. Maybe a little inheritance, somehow, from my bearded Irish lassie? Anywho, 3 or so little white whiskers poke out, right there in the little white spot of her chin. She spent barely 3 weeks with Irish, they have no shared DNA, yet still before she passed away, maybe she left a wee gift behind, on Pika’s chin.

So, I’ve wanted to get to Euston Meadow, the air was mild, and I hadn’t taken Pika yet, let her roam those paths Irish and I took. Decided to take a trip at dawn, to capture the light. A good start to the season, just a day after Winter Solstice, to watch the sun rise after the longest night.

I carried her most of the way there, as I was on the clock, tick tock, if I was to get there to watch the day rise.

Left at a quarter after 7am, and the quarter moon was hanging in the sky in the half light, to the east a jet trail crossed the sky. That early twilight sky, the roads and sidewalks flush with sparkles from the cold crisp air, set light dancing everywhere.

Pure enchantment, for our first journey together to one of my favourite places.

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