Farewell October

Thirteen years ago tonight, the sun began to set, the veil thinned, and we said goodbye to you. In those last eight days, we struggled to come to terms with the loss of you, and still do. We are changed, all of us, who were there.

I have to work today, but later on I’m going to M & S’s for a Halloween party…so this morning I decided to just grab my coffee and sit down here and just tap, tap, tap away and just write what ever came to mind…but I was empty. I guess it’s just this month, but today the well is dry. I know you know … that we love you, and miss you…and I learn something new whenever I open this book, so these are your words…

from The Red Duo-Tang

OCT. 29th 1973

Paula was really upset when Grandpa{D} died. When I told her she started to cry, then she wanted to know who would take care of Grandma. I told her we would. Talks a lot about Grandpa a lot, says she misses him. She really loved her Grandpa.

She seems to be adjusting fairly well to being down here at Grandma’s except going to bed which is nothing new. I’ve never seen a kid that hates going to bed like she does. Right now she’s sleeping with Grandma.

I’d forgotten that you know Mom, forgot your Dad died in October.

Oh, death stalks these October days, and much as I love the fall as much as you, on November 1st it always feels like this weight has been lifted.

I have to get ready now for work Mom, but I have some pics I took this month to share… of golden leaves and all the things that I know you loved about Fall.

Love Paula





One thought on “Farewell October

  1. October… such a month … the coming and going of souls seems to means so much more at this time of the year. Thinking of you during this month of falling leaves, preparations for the long sleep, and knowledge of the newness that will come in the spring.
    Love you…

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