The Gentleman I Met At The Market

Well Mom, it’s Sunday morn and I spent a lot of money yesterday, but each dime was well spent. Holy cow though, least it was alot for me. Finally started some christmas shopping, and I got the girls their presents. However, I also bought myself a nice (cheap) pair of boots for the winter, then I swung through the market and picked up some local Clovermead unpasteurized Wild Blueberry Honey, Apple jelly for my garlic sausages, and a nice bag of Brussel Sprouts.

And, I bought a nice outfit to suit my hot flashes – a soft, light boho style shirt, and a pair of these funky black acrylic tighty pants, at a 2/$20 sale. Excellent. It looks awesome with the boots.

A much more satisfying way to spend a Saturday morning, and far superior to lying in bed fighting a hangover headache, and the only accomplishment is draggin’ my arse across the parking lot to the grocery store for nourishment cause ya got no food in the cupboards.

That was the way I spent the last two Saturdays after escaping the village nightlife beebopping down the street where I know there’s a chance Mr.Blue.Eyes may be. No beebopping for this chic for awhile.

So I made myself stay away. WELL away, and with no compulsion to stray down to the roadhouse “just for a wee dram”. None of that nonsense will transpire if I’m ensconced on a stool, with Export in hand at my favourite pub.

So no late into the night liquid libations this weekend, nope, just docs and hot chocolate.

Therefore all in all yesterday was rather awesome, actually. Bought more of those bamboo mats, and finally bought myself some silverware. Nice and sturdy, simple design, very classic. 4 Forks, 4 Knives, 2 soup spoons. They have nice rounded edges, and have a real expensive feel and look, and you would really not guess they’re from a dollar store.

I was so relaxed, so confident. The day was all misty and gray, but it was mild, and everyone had a smile on their face. I like to walk through the market first and peruse the stalls, then I pick up what I’ve decided on from the market afterwards (whatever I can still carry with me), and on I carry on home the 15-20 minutes back to my village with my wares.

One distinct thing happened on my way through the market on my way to the mall downtown, as I wandered into this one shop, there was this tall gentlemen just standing in the store, like he worked there, or he was maybe the owner. He was tall, and had a dapper sort of older academic look. Rather intelligent, white head of hair, with this tan/brown wool tweed jacket, and thick dress pants, classic thick-soled leather shoes on his feet.

IMG_1238As I came round after speaking to the clerk at the counter, the tall gentlemen looks down and says “brown is the colour of business“. I said…”wonderful, I love brown, and I suppose I like business too” and smiled

…he goes “well that’s good, as brown suits you“.

He was commenting on my brown plaid wool-look jacket I found at the second-hand store this year, and my matching hat I got from the girls years ago. Only difference between them is the tick in the hat is green, and the tick in the jacket is blue

Afterward I briefly looked around, then wandered out and to the left, and stopped to see what was on display for the Health food store up ahead…and on past me strolls the tall gentlemen.

I’m thinking to myself “what”? I thought?…and on into the health food store he disappeared. I just walked around the corner and didn’t think of the incident again until just not a 1/2 hour ago, and I can’t believe I didn’t realize until just now how odd that interchange was.

The other thing was Mom, I remember thinking when I first walked into the shop, that he looked somehow familiar. That I knew him from somewhere, I’d spoke to him before perhaps even. So when he did speak to me, it was very familiar, and I just turned and walked away, but there was this sense I had that something more had just transpired.

I accomplished so much yesterday though. So many things ticked off that bucket list of things I meant to do, have to do, should do more often and get in the habit of doing more often. That list contains things that I KNOW make me happy, and that once in a while I need to be reminded.

That man though hit on something, and I’m not quite certain what it was. And I’m not quite sure who he was.

Today I was again up early, and have prepared myself for the week ahead. Bright and early again tomorrow, and I’m going to stop dissing my job. Either shit or get off the pot. I’ll learn to love it, or I’ll do the work it will take to find something that will.

This job is merely a means to an end, OR it will be my end, so one way or the other I should atleast learn to like somewhat. Maybe that’s what the tall mysterious gentleman meant…made that was his message? Mean business.

I remember he went on to also say “see, policemen wear blue, firemen wear red, businessmen wear brown“…and he motioned to himself.

OR…he could have been hitting on me. Ya know, that realization just dawned on me just this minute. Wow. He was probably hitting on me. Am I oblivious? Mad? Psychic? or …em…or… maybe he was just some random crazy guy.



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