Five Habits Of The Alone

Over the course of my diverse and eventful 47 years, I've developed a few patterns and modes by which I live my day-to-day. These are things I've found to be energizing. Things I find that make me feel in control I suppose.

Be Thankful

Every morning before I leave for work I thank “the spirits of white light and goodness“. I also ask them to bless my space and take care of all those I love Namaste. Amen. Or something along those lines. I believe some call this act PRAYING.

I do it every morning, religiously. I started I guess this summer, and it continued through the fall, and now winter is upon us and I have dovetailed it into my morning ritual. It brings me peace every morn as I turn away from my warm door, and that white fluffy bastard who lieth on my bed.

Eat Breakfast

Fuel for the day to assist me in coping with having to deal with other humans for so long. But I have to confess, I hate breakfast unless someone else is making it. So this habit is one I struggle with, but this last few months I stop at the 7/11 by work and pick up a breakfast drink and a bacon/egg/potato taquito. I munch away on the taquito the last few blocks before I get to work. Not ideal, not fruit in a bowl or cereal, but it’s breakfast…best I can do.

Love Where You Live

IMG_1264I can say with my whole self I nailed this one when we found this place. This place and this little village is the reason I feel so blessed every single day. This place offers me the best of both worlds – a village within a city, my perfect space. I love the freedom of the city (for a pedestrian), but I crave the quiet nature of a small village. You can take the girl out of the village but you can’t take the village outa the girl.

And if you can not live where you love, learn how to love where you live. Make it loveable, make it over into a reflection of you, and how you live day-to-day. I finally broke down and put Tim’s big wicker chair in the corner, so now it gives me this sense of sitting upon my wicker throne, perusing my domain.

Live Simply

I suppose if I’m honest I in a round about way have ol’Tim to thank for some of my decluttering.

By him lying to me for so long about paying for my storage, he effectively rid me of 3/4’s of my possessions. Like lightning striking your harddrive, you have no choice but to start fresh. Add to that the fact I don’t own a TV and have no desire for one. I don’t have a home phone either and haven’t for years. At least, when I was on my own. Tim and I ONLY had a landline those four years at the cottage – cell phones are a waste of money when you live in the bush.

IMG_1220Now in the city, I rarely leave the confines of my village – except to go to work, and downtown to my pub, or to a friends (on the odd time I actually decide to venture out, which is rare). I’ve come a home body, and therefore have gone to great care in the layout of my bachelor pad.

Almost every piece of furniture I own is a hand me down, there is though the rare piece I bought. It’s difficult not to acquire some furniture though when your family hasn’t left home in over 118 years.

I walk everywhere or take public transit. I have never had my license, and probably never will. I see no real need; usually. This means my overhead cost of living are very very low, which in turn, of course, gives me moola to do with what I will…and that makes me very very happy. Amen to that.

Be Real

I make no apologies, to myself or otherwise, for wanting to be on my own. I am learning to let go of that part of me that thinks I need someone in my life. I may want someone, sure, but I don’t actually NEED anyone. There is a big difference.

I’m happier when I can do whatever I want. I like waking up in the morning on my own, drink my coffee and come home and eat whatever dinner I want, and spend the evening quietly puttering, or watching a doc. I love going for walks and taking pictures. I love the woods ​and the quietness. I crave aloneness. I stress out when I have too much to do, or when people invade that space I crave.

There are a lot of aspects of my character I’m starting to embrace. For so long we concentrate on such trivial things – do we fit in, do we look right, did we say the right thing, do people like us – but at some point I think some of us move away from those confining pre-defined norms. It seems so much work, for little gain. As we age, perhaps wisdom whispers certain truths (if we learn how to listen).

I am beginning to understand. These things help me keep more equilibrium within my complex and creative mind. Living in a particular way, doing particular things… keep it simple.

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