The Manic Pixie Guy

How did the date go you ask? Well, I’ll leave that for another time, but it did go well. Very well.

But that’s not what’s on my mind Mom, what I’m thinking about is Tim. Go figure. Thinking of the kind of relationship that we had, and what exactly it was that attracted us to one another? Kismet? Also, wondering about the effect we had on each other, and perhaps alittle bit about higher purpose, and the role certain people play in our lives.

I’ve mastered the caregiver, saintly, martyr, but what role did Tim play in MY life? What effect did we have on each others souls, that is the question.

Just watching part of this trite video on Trope vs Women I guess got me thinking of all this. Trope defined as – a significant or recurrent theme; a motif.

It’s a feminist youtube video that features the Manic Pixie Dream Girl; a frequent modern movie character that utilizes the old motif of girl as muse.

These kids I suppose believe themselves to be pointing out these ground shattering truism’s that no one noticed before. As if utilizing women as muse is something new.

Well, duh, like from the dawn of storytelling dear. Women have been portrayed as the muse for which said man went forth into the world and was inspired to conquer or create for thousands of years, absolutely nothing terribly illuminating.

For whose to say a man may not feature in the female life as muse? And there are several examples of this, just perhaps from the woman’s perspective of course. A woman’s muse is naturally going to be different, and requires different characteristics.

And, I believe someone should introduce these young people to this Swiss dude named Jung who went on about these archetype things.

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl rescues the guy from his doldrums, polishes off his childlike curiosity, illustrates how to live life to ones fullest, and in the end serves as the inspiration for his metamorphosis into whatever great thing he’s meant for. Classic heroes’ journey stuff.

But flip that, shake it up, reverse the sex, and really, wouldn’t it be more useful to point out the humanist aspect this type of persona illustrates in our lives? How this character plays a role in women’s lives? Maybe point out these strange plot twists and turns we share with men, how each of us plays a role in someone elses life?

These individuals that come into our lives sometimes, shake up the ground, spin us around, and help us see straight. Often they are part of our lives for short periods of times, but I can’t help but acknowledge their existence. Their energy leads us astray, as all elven folk may, and this too is part of our heroines journey. NO difference.

I’m sure Mom I know the first person to pop into your head. That carefree tattooist certainly led me astray for a while there, as of course did Tim – but perhaps for a purpose. For a HIGHER purpose. Whose to say?

This type isn’t superficial at all, rather, they are elemental.




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